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Taylorsville Lake Report

This was another one of those days I almost wish I had stayed home. I got a late start and didn’t get to the lake till about 1pm. I backed my bass boat into the water and tied it to the dock. When I got into my truck to start it so I could go park it. The truck wouldn’t start. It was cranking but wouldn’t start. First time that has ever happened to it. I checked ever thing that I could and found nothing broken. To top it off I didn’t have cell phone service and my phone was about dead. I had a couple of nice guys that pulled their boat out and were going to help me load my boat and pull me up to the parking area. When we were getting ready to hook a tow strap up, one of the guys asked me to try it again. Guess what it started. The only thing different I did was as I was turning the key I was engaging the 4 wheel drive. Apparently that caused a computer error. I guess the computer rebooted and fixed itself. This is all a guess. It ran great all the way home. Now the fishing. It was a little better than terrible. The lake is almost at winter pool. The fish were very scattered. The fish were back in the creeks on any point that I could find. I was using a shad crankbait. I just didn’t have the time to try much else. The fish did seem to pick up at around 6pm. Mitchells Run was the best creek. I caught 6 in it. I finished the day with only 12 bass and a 6-3 Drum. I wish I had stayed longer but I didn’t want to be the last guy at the ramp in case the truck didn’t start. Most of the fish were in the 11 inch range with 2 that were 14.5 inches. If we don’t get too much rain I may give them a try later this week. I am to take a buddy fishing Thursday, it will depend on the rain. I hope you guys don’t have the problems that seem to follow me when I go fishing. Till the next post hope to see you on the water.


Fishing Report or Stories

Have you ever have a week when you should have just stayed in the house because you were not safe to be around? I had my week. Wednesday I decided to take my bass boat up to Taylorsville Lake and make sure ever thing was working because I will be leaving for Lake St Clair in a little over a week. I thought I would do a little fishing also. I launch the boat the engine and every thing was working great. I go up into the Salt River because there is current and at times the fish will stack up on some point I know. I stopped to fish and the first thing that happens is the release rope on my trolling motor breaks. Try fixing that on the water, well it can be done but not fast. After fixing the rope I start fishing , no fish. When I get near the quarry I start to notice by boat seemed to be low in the water. A few minutes later I see water in the floor of the boat. I call that a clue that there is a problem. I turn the bilge pump on and it is just barely pumping more water out than what is coming in. I go to the bilge find the problem a hose to my aerator had detached its self. I was able to reattach it and you would be amazed how well the bilge pump works with no leak. The water looked good and the temperature was any where from 62 to 71 degrees. This was the first time in over a decade that I was skunked on Taylorsville Lake. I had only two strike the whole afternoon. I only saw 4 crappie caught , so I think the fish took the day off.
Yesterday I decide it was time to fish Elkhorn Creek. The creek was running higher than I like 750 cfs. The water was 64 degrees. What could happen? I would just fish faster than I like too. I put in at Knights Bridge I start casting one of my 1/8 oz bussbaits around the bridge. I catch my first fish a 17 incher, in all I caught 10 bass in the pool around the bridge. 9 were smallies and a largemouth. Only one fish was under 10 inches. I go down the first rapids and drop my anchor because the fish are in the slow water. The high current is moving the boat around allot. The anchor starts sliding on the bottom and I am picking up speed. My cell phone rings so I open my water proof bag to answer it. The anchor suddenly stopped and it jerked the rear of the yak down. The next thing I see is the yak is swamped and I am being thrown into creek, Very refreshing. (remember the 64 degrees) I inhaled a few gallons of creek water and I will say that it doesn’t taste bad. The next thing there is an explosion around my neck and chest area. I wear a auto inflating life vest. I will say they work great. (that was the explosion)Everything starts floating down the creek I start swimming after it. I can say I was able to recover my tackle box, my paddle and my cooler. By the way a water proof bag only works if you have them closed. I recovered mine hung on the bottom about 50 yards down stream, I am still trying to dry my wallet and money, My yak is stuck in the current and every once in awhile it comes to the surface. I make it to shore and decide to walk to Nathan and Allison’s house. By the way I still have my cellphone but its drowned. (less than 1 week old) I walk across their neighbors yard and find out from Nathan that he shots at people. In the end Nathan comes and helps recover my boat and I hear allot of old man jokes and he wished that I had one of their Go Pro camera’s so he could have enjoyed watching me go into the water. I was able to recover everything but my floating Bill Dance sunglasses and my 3 rods. I am missing some body parts and I called my best friend a doctor to ask about them. He assured me that in a few days after I warmed up they would reappear. He called this turtling. I am leaving shortly to go see if I can recover my rods. So the next time you think your having a bad day please remember me. In the 42 years I have owned boats this was the first time I ever went overboard. I usually end my post with hope to see you on the water, well am I glad nobody got to see me take a bath. Two baths in one day. Anyway the fish are biting and if you want to try one of my buzzbaits Canoe Kentucky has a few for sale, Till the next report have a great day and smile it could be worse.

Taylorsville Lake Fishing Report

I decided to go try Taylorsville Lake yesterday afternoon. The water was clear, down about a foot from summer pool and 71 degrees. The water was allot warmer than I had expected. The wind was blowing real good at times. You have to get use to that because the wind seems to always blow there. I started with some plastics, worms and craws. They didn’t like ether. I went to a crankbait and was able to start catching some fish. I have to say it was a difficult day. The fish were on wood in about 5 feet of water, but very scattered. They were hitting the bait very lightly. If I hadn’t had a very sensitive rod I’m not sure if I would have caught most of the fish that I did. I lost twice as many fish as I boated. I ended the day with only 11 bass. The highlight of the trip was right after I launched the boat I observed 2 Bald Eagles flying never Van Buren. They were circling with a Osprey. I saw them again in Candy Creek. I have been told they have a nest on the lake. Till the next report, hope to see you on the water.

Taylorsville Lake Report

My best friend Jack and I went to Taylorsville Lake this afternoon. The water was up about 6 inches. It was muddy around Van Buren and for about a half a mile into the main lake. The temperature was 73 to 75 degrees. The fish were scattered near the banks. This I thought was unusual because the lake has dropped 2.5 feet in the last 2 days. Usually when the water is dropping the fish leave the banks. We caught all our fish on crankbaits. Some of the fish were right on the bank in a foot of water and the rest were as deep as 5 to 8 feet. We caught them on wood, on rocks and some on very plain banks. We didn’t catch very many small fish, most were in the 10 to 14 inch class. We ended the day with 42 largemouth’s. A decent afternoon. It was great to spend the afternoon with Jack, since this was the first time in 2 years we have been able to fish together. I hope the report helps. Till the next report hope to see you on the water.

Taylorsville Lake Report

I went to Taylorsville Lake this afternoon. The water was alittle above summer pool. The river from Van Buren up is muddy. The water temperature was 75 to 77 degrees. I will say that I had a good day. The bass were on the banks mainly around wood. A surprise is that the bass are still spawning. I would have thought they would have already spawned with all the warm weather we have had. I only boated 23 bass but only 2 were under 13 inches. I lost allot more fish than I boated. It was one of those days went they would jump and throw the bait. I caught well over a limit of bass. ( bass must be 15 inches to be legal) The quality of fish was the best I have caught in several years. I had 3 break me off. Two of the fish I saw and I believe they were over 4 lbs. One I didn’t even slow down. I caught all of the fish on crankbaits. It didn’t seem to matter much on the color. (white, silver, chrome, light grey) Candy creek was the best creek for me but I hooked fish in about every creek I fished. The fish were at the mouth and about half way back in the creeks. I hope this information helps. I plan to fish Elkhorn next week before I go to Canada and I will give a report. Until the next report hope to see you on the water.