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I was able to go to Stoner Creek Tuesday. The water was up about a foot and murky. It was surprising how much current there was. I was only able to fish for about 4.5 hours. I started with a Zoom craw and found the fish where in eddies on the edge of current. or at the top or bottom of deeper holes. It turned out that the fish were hitting about anything I would use. deep crankbaits, shallow crankbaits and jerkbaits. I had a couple of surprises. The first was all the fish I caught were largemouth’s. I couldn’t find the smallmouth any where. The second was that I never caught a fish under 10 inches, with the larges going about 2.5 lbs. I ended the day with 46 bass which was a very good afternoon. I do want to say that I seldom get upset with other people fishing because if someone get too close I just move because I feel that I will find the fish. There were some fishermen in a boat that came running up the creek in 15 inches of water on plane and they almost hit me. I guess you just can’t fix stupid and I hope they have allot of money to repair their motor. The fish are biting, till the next report hope to see you on the water.


Stoner Creek Report

I made a late decision to go to Fryman’s on Stoner Creek. Am I glad I did.The water was up alittle with some current and as My Dad would say it was gin clear. I don’t think I have ever seen the creek as clear. you could see the bottom in 6 feet of water. I was worried about the duck weed. It has been terrible this summer. There are a few spots about a hundred yard long that the duck week is bad, but for the most part the creek was in great shape to fish. Due to the cloud cover I started with a frog in the duck weed. I must have had 12 – 15 hits, but only caught 2 small largemouth’s. When I got into clean water I started throwing a buzzbait. All I got was arm exercise. I had only one hit for the afternoon. Finally I started throwing a shallow crankbait on a 5 foot ultralite rod. Immediately I started catching fish. The only thing I would change now would be to have a longer rod. I had to make very long cast because I was spooking fish. The longer rod would have helped. The huge surprise was that I started catching smallmouth’s and their size. I never caught a fish under 10 inches and most were 12 to 15 inches. In all the years I have fished Stoner I have never caught smallmouth’s like I did today. I ended the day with 44 smallmouth’s and 18 largemouth’s. I lost as many fish as I caught. It was a great afternoon. You could see the fish swim up and hit the lure, or you would see a wake come in behind the lure. Its hard to wait till you feel the fish hit. I am hoping I maybe able to get back to the creek tomorrow if I’m lucky. Till the next report, hope to see you on the water. By the way I was the only person fishing on the creek.

Stoner Creek Fishing

My nephew David called and said that he was going to take off work at noon and wanted to go fishing. You must understand that for about the last 10 year every time we go fishing something bad happens. Like the time we were fishing and a small dark cloud appeared overhead and it started to rain. We could see sunlight all around the cloud in a few minutes we were in a micro burst. It rained so hard that I thought we would drown standing up. When it quit we had about a foot of water in the boat and the creek was muddy and rising rapidly. Or the time I got stuck taking the boat out of the water. I don’t want to know how much equipment we have lost or broken. Besides all that we never caught very many fish.  We have not had a good day fishing in years. Well today the stars must have been aligned, because we had a great day. We started catching fish as soon as we put in. Smallmouth’s were on the rocky banks and the largemouth’s were on wood. We didn’t catch any big fish. The biggest was about 2.5 lbs. We also didn’t catch allot of small fish. They were running between 11 and 15 inches. I will say that at about 7:00 pm it was like someone turned a switch off, because the fish quit biting. We ended the day with 60 bass about 10 were smallmouth’s and the rest were largemouth’s. If we had boated all the fish we had hit or hooked and got off we would have had well over 100 bass. It didn’t matter what we were throwing we caught fish. Topwater, plastics, and crankbaits all caught fish. It appears that the fish have already spawned, but that is to be expected after all the hot weather we have been having. All I can say is that if we don’t get allot of rain the fish are biting and you need to be on the water. Till the next report hope to see on the water.