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I went to Fryman’s again yesterday. I only had about 4 hours to fish. Its hard to believe ,but we need rain. ( We’re getting it right now) The creek was low. I had to be very careful due to logs just under the water, that I ran over last week. The water was in excellent shape. I started in about 4 feet of water. I was using a zoom vibe craw in dark purple with red sparkles. I usually try to match the color of the crayfish in the creek, but a couple of years ago I went off and left my bag of craws at home. The only bag I had in the boat was dark purple with red. On my first cast I caught about a 2 lb fish. Since than I keep using them and they keep catching fish, as they did yesterday. When I got into water that was 2 feet or less I changed to a shallow crankbait. I must say that for the first time this year some of the fish were schooling. Twice yesterday I caught 2 fish at the same time, one on the front hooks and another on the rear ones. It was hard fishing due to all the leaves on the water , you would think it was October. I only caught one fish under 10 inches which has been a surprise. I see small fish, but the larger fish are more aggressive. I finished the afternoon with 31 bass, all but 3 were largemouths. I did hook a real nice smallmouth that broke me off. It still has my $7 lure because I saw it jump 3 times trying to throw the lure. I don’t know what all this rain is going to do, but the fish are biting. Till the next report hope to see you on the water.