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Lake St Clair

I got back last night from my first trip this year to Lake St Clair Canada. If you like to catch Smallmouth’s this is the lake. I go up a couple of times each year and I must say this was the best total trip I have had there. The weather was great. The first morning was alittle cool but it warmed up fast. I go up with 3 friends, its one of those male bonding things. We fish the Canadian side around the Mitchell Bay area. One of the normal problems you have on Lake St Clair is the wind. We had a couple of days where the wind was up around 15 mph. One day the Lake was like glass. I have never seen the lake this calm. We caught most of our fish on Flukes. Lizards and Spinnerbaits. In 4 days of fishing I boated 107 Smallmouth’s and 1 Largemouth. I only had 3 fished under 3 lbs.. My biggest was a 5 lbs 2 oz fish. This was the biggest Smallmouth I have ever caught. Most of the fish were weighting between 3 and 4.5 lbs. I loss about as many fish as I boated. You can not believe how hard the fish fought. If you ever get the chance to fish Lake St Clair be sure too. We pull our boats there and it is only about a 7.5 hour drive to Wallaceburg, Ontario. I hope to fish Elkhorn later in the week and will give a report. I will be going back to Lake St Clair in a week for I hope some more outstanding fishing. Till the next report hope to see you on the water.