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Herrington Lake Hybred Fishing

I went to Herrington Lake to do some night Hybred fishing. The water was clear alittle below summer pool and 82 degrees. Fishing was not as good as I had expected. I love to fish for Hybreds on a new moon. They usually come into the lights much better. I not saying that fishing was bad, just not as good as I had hoped. The fish were not as deep as the last trip. They were only 15 to 20 feet deep.This is the depth they normally are this time of year.I caught them on 2 inch sinking crankbaits in Shad color. I only caught about 25 and decided to go home about 3 am. I kept 11 that were big enough to clean. I may try to give them another try in the next few nights. The fish are biting so I hope to see you on the water.