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Taylorsville Lake Report

Robby 10-12-15I went to Taylorsville  yesterday  with a friend and his son.  To be honest I almost didn’t write this post. It was that bad. The fishing would have to improve to be terrible. The lake was mostly clear and the water temperature was 69 and 70 degrees with a fair amount of wind.  I thought that the fish would turn on with a cold front approaching. My first surprise was we couldn’t find the big schools of shad. There was some in Mitchell’s Run.  We fished three creeks Candy, Mitchell’s Run and Timber Creek. We only caught 3 or 4 fish in each creek. The fish we caught were mostly dinks. After fishing the creeks we moved to the main lake. It was no better. I finished the day with 12 bass, most were dinks with one that was 14.25 inches. The above picture is of Robby’s only decent fish. We were using crankbaits. I don’t understand where the shad went. Usually this time of the year the Creeks are full of shad and you should be seeing bass and hybreds hitting them in the shallow water. The fish have got to start fattening up soon for winter. I will keep on trying. I had a friend that just got back from a trip to Kentucky Lake yesterday. He stated that they had a terrible trip and never found the fish too. Till the next post keep on fishing they have got to start feeding soon. Hope to see you on the water.


Elkhorn Creek Report

I went fishing yesterday. I put in at Knight’s Bridge and fished down to Canoe Ky. The creek was very clear, with a flow of 150 to 190 cfs. The flow was where I like it. It lets me fish at the pace I like ,but also is high enough to not hit a lot of rocks. To be honest the fishing was a little better than terrible. I saw plenty of big fish but couldn’t get them to hit. I tried crankbaits, flukes and even tubes. Flukes and crankbaits were the best by far. The fish just wouldn’t hit hard and this caused me to loss a lot of fish, more than I boated. The fish were in fast water that had to be a foot deep or more. There were a few above and below the rapids. I just had to cover a lot of water till I found a fish that was in the mood to eat. On top of the bad bite I got hung up more than I ever have in Elkhorn. I don’t know how I did it, but I hooked so many rocks that it became very frustrating. I do mean hooked in a rock not between them. Most of my fish were dinks with several nice fish. I don’t know where the 10 to 12 inch fish where. Since it is fall there are a lot of leaves on the water and that was a problem. It seemed that if there was a floating leaf any where near where I cast I would hook it. I finished the day with only 26 bass one was a largemouth. I had expected a much better day. You would think they would be feeding better with a drop in the water temperature. It still beat a day at work. Till the next post hope to see you on the water.

Taylorsville Lake Report

This was another one of those days I almost wish I had stayed home. I got a late start and didn’t get to the lake till about 1pm. I backed my bass boat into the water and tied it to the dock. When I got into my truck to start it so I could go park it. The truck wouldn’t start. It was cranking but wouldn’t start. First time that has ever happened to it. I checked ever thing that I could and found nothing broken. To top it off I didn’t have cell phone service and my phone was about dead. I had a couple of nice guys that pulled their boat out and were going to help me load my boat and pull me up to the parking area. When we were getting ready to hook a tow strap up, one of the guys asked me to try it again. Guess what it started. The only thing different I did was as I was turning the key I was engaging the 4 wheel drive. Apparently that caused a computer error. I guess the computer rebooted and fixed itself. This is all a guess. It ran great all the way home. Now the fishing. It was a little better than terrible. The lake is almost at winter pool. The fish were very scattered. The fish were back in the creeks on any point that I could find. I was using a shad crankbait. I just didn’t have the time to try much else. The fish did seem to pick up at around 6pm. Mitchells Run was the best creek. I caught 6 in it. I finished the day with only 12 bass and a 6-3 Drum. I wish I had stayed longer but I didn’t want to be the last guy at the ramp in case the truck didn’t start. Most of the fish were in the 11 inch range with 2 that were 14.5 inches. If we don’t get too much rain I may give them a try later this week. I am to take a buddy fishing Thursday, it will depend on the rain. I hope you guys don’t have the problems that seem to follow me when I go fishing. Till the next post hope to see you on the water.

The New River

Five of us finally made it up to the New River. To say we had a great time would be an under statement. Those that went were my nephew David a coworker and friend of his Darren, also a couple that are my friends Aaron and Sabrina. We fished Saturday and Sunday. The water was super clear and very low. The river was the lowest I have every seen in the 12 years or so that I have been fishing it. It was only running at 1200 CFS. The good news was that the fish were biting, the bad news was we didn’t catch any big fish. Most of our fish were in the 10 to 13 inch range. Our biggest fish was a 16 inch fish caught by David. To be honest we loss more fish than we boated. I must say that I got my butt kicked by Aaron and Sabrina. This was Aaron and Sabrina’s second time to ever fish for smallmouths. Their first trip was with me on a trip down the Elkhorn. We only used small light color small crankbaits and the small super Flukes. Aaron finished the trip by boating 104 Smallies, Sabrina boated 140 and I only boated 96. David and Darren didn’t keep a count. That was a total of 340 Smallmouths for 3 fisher persons. If you ever get the chance to fish the New River please do so. We used New River Outfitters. I have been fishing with them so long that the Owner Dewaun and his wife Frances have become good friend. Beside the great fishing the scenery and running the rapid are just unbelievable. I don’t know where he finds the guides to control the boats but they will keep you laughing most of the day, plus they know how to run the rapids. If you ever become interested in fishing the New River give Dewaun a call. I like the 2 day trip. with the package you get shore lunches, a steak dinner and you spend the night in a house on the bank of the river.  Till the next Report hope to see you on the water.

Taylorsville Lake Report

Went to Taylorsville yesterday. The water was very clear for Taylorsville, you could see down about 3 feet. The water temperature was 83 degrees. Usually this time of year when you have a cold front move thru the shad move to the rear of the creeks and I have had some super days. The front didn’t cool the water enough. There were shad in the creeks but the water was still too warm. The front that came thru last night should cool the water back to the 60-70s, which is what I want. The fish were very scattered. I caught fish on the main lake and all back in the creeks. The one place I didn’t catch fish was on main lake points. I thought that was very unusual. The best creek was Mitchell’s Run. I was using a chrome color crankbait. The fish were running small, my largest was 14 7/8 inches. The good thing was I only lost 3 fish. The lake is down a good foot or more. In fact the lake was very calm which is unusual. There always seem to be wind on the lake.  That being said at about 3:30 all of a sudden the wind came up and the next thing I see is the lake has white caps. This made controlling the boat almost impossible so I decided to call it a day. If I had been having a good day I would have stayed. I only caught 16 bass and as I said they were running small. I hope to give them another try the beginning of the week. Next weekend several of us are going to West Virginia to fish the New River. I’m looking forward to that. Till the next report hope to see you on the water.

Just for information I now have a GoPro and I have made a few video’s. I can not put them here due to they are to large. You can go to my Facebook page and view them if you are really bored.

Stoner Creek Report

My best friend Jack wanted to get away. He had just returned home from a very trying family matter. I suggested trying Stoner Creek. The water was a little low, but was very clear. I usually start in Stroge  Creek. To be honest it was a difficult day. The water had a lot of leaves on it , making casting difficult. We lost count of all the leaves we hooked. We were trying to use crankbaits. I switched to plastics for a while and had a lot of problems also. We had some difficulty pulling the boat over riffles. I thought we would have to do quite a bit of wading. We did. The nice thing was that with the air temperature in the 90’s wading felt good. The fish were biting decent. Just not a lot of big fish. our biggest a fish that Jack caught was about 2 lbs.  About a third of our fish were smallies and the biggest was about 12 inches.  The fun started when we started back down the creek. The creek had to have dropped 2 inches. To be honest it was all we could do a times to get the boat back across the riffles. The fish are biting and the young lady at Fryman’s said they have been catching some big fish. I finished the day with 43 and Jack caught 14. This was Jack’s second fishing trip this year. The water is low and clear with a lot of scum and leaves on the surface. It reminds me of October. I just hope we get some rain to clean the water up. Till the next report hope to see you on the water.

Elkhorn Creek

Went back to Elkhorn yesterday. The weather was about perfect. The water was clear and running about 100 cfs and dropping. All I can say is it was a dink kind of day. That’s about all I caught. The fish just weren’t hitting very well. They seemed to be  just slapping at lures. I caught a lot of fish by hooking them on the outside of the mouth, thanks to sharp hooks. I was using a small stick crankbait and small plastics. I believe the crankbait worked best. This could be because of the treble hooks instead of a single hook. It was a very frustrating day. I wish I had boated the fish that I loss instead of the ones I boated. I must have loss close to 100 fish. I boated 47 smallies but only 10 to 12 were decent fish. One time I hooked a dink and was reeling it in when it pulled off and a 12 inch immediately hit and I boated it. I did hook one really nice fish that was over 3 lbs. It jumped a couple of time and the hooks pulled out, I said a few bad words. Since we just had a cold front pass thru I believe they bother small water fish much more than a lake or large river. The fish are kind of biting and the bite should improve with the water temperature getting cooler. Till the next report hope to see you on the water. By the way I fished Knight Bridge down to Canoe Ky and only saw 6 others on the water.