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Elkhorn Creek

Went back to Elkhorn yesterday. The weather was about perfect. The water was clear and running about 100 cfs and dropping. All I can say is it was a dink kind of day. That’s about all I caught. The fish just weren’t hitting very well. They seemed to be  just slapping at lures. I caught a lot of fish by hooking them on the outside of the mouth, thanks to sharp hooks. I was using a small stick crankbait and small plastics. I believe the crankbait worked best. This could be because of the treble hooks instead of a single hook. It was a very frustrating day. I wish I had boated the fish that I loss instead of the ones I boated. I must have loss close to 100 fish. I boated 47 smallies but only 10 to 12 were decent fish. One time I hooked a dink and was reeling it in when it pulled off and a 12 inch immediately hit and I boated it. I did hook one really nice fish that was over 3 lbs. It jumped a couple of time and the hooks pulled out, I said a few bad words. Since we just had a cold front pass thru I believe they bother small water fish much more than a lake or large river. The fish are kind of biting and the bite should improve with the water temperature getting cooler. Till the next report hope to see you on the water. By the way I fished Knight Bridge down to Canoe Ky and only saw 6 others on the water.


Elkhorn Fishing Report

Boy did I have a hard day. It was one of my worst days fishing Elkhorn. Thank goodness it was a beautiful day. I never did find a pattern on the fish. I used about everything I had in my tackle box. I’m not saying I didn’t catch some fish. I’m saying I had to work at it. The fish were very scattered. I caught a few in deep water. some in shallow water, some in calm water, some in rapids, some above the rapids and some below the rapids. The ones I caught weren’t very big. My biggest was about 13 inches. I ended the day with 21 bass, about a third of the fish were largemouth’s or spotted bass. The water was clear and the flow was about 200 fps. I wish I could give you a better report. Till the next report. Hope to see you on the water.