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Elkhorn Creek Report

I went fishing yesterday. I put in at Knight’s Bridge and fished down to Canoe Ky. The creek was very clear, with a flow of 150 to 190 cfs. The flow was where I like it. It lets me fish at the pace I like ,but also is high enough to not hit a lot of rocks. To be honest the fishing was a little better than terrible. I saw plenty of big fish but couldn’t get them to hit. I tried crankbaits, flukes and even tubes. Flukes and crankbaits were the best by far. The fish just wouldn’t hit hard and this caused me to loss a lot of fish, more than I boated. The fish were in fast water that had to be a foot deep or more. There were a few above and below the rapids. I just had to cover a lot of water till I found a fish that was in the mood to eat. On top of the bad bite I got hung up more than I ever have in Elkhorn. I don’t know how I did it, but I hooked so many rocks that it became very frustrating. I do mean hooked in a rock not between them. Most of my fish were dinks with several nice fish. I don’t know where the 10 to 12 inch fish where. Since it is fall there are a lot of leaves on the water and that was a problem. It seemed that if there was a floating leaf any where near where I cast I would hook it. I finished the day with only 26 bass one was a largemouth. I had expected a much better day. You would think they would be feeding better with a drop in the water temperature. It still beat a day at work. Till the next post hope to see you on the water.


Elkhorn Creek

Went back to Elkhorn yesterday. The weather was about perfect. The water was clear and running about 100 cfs and dropping. All I can say is it was a dink kind of day. That’s about all I caught. The fish just weren’t hitting very well. They seemed to be  just slapping at lures. I caught a lot of fish by hooking them on the outside of the mouth, thanks to sharp hooks. I was using a small stick crankbait and small plastics. I believe the crankbait worked best. This could be because of the treble hooks instead of a single hook. It was a very frustrating day. I wish I had boated the fish that I loss instead of the ones I boated. I must have loss close to 100 fish. I boated 47 smallies but only 10 to 12 were decent fish. One time I hooked a dink and was reeling it in when it pulled off and a 12 inch immediately hit and I boated it. I did hook one really nice fish that was over 3 lbs. It jumped a couple of time and the hooks pulled out, I said a few bad words. Since we just had a cold front pass thru I believe they bother small water fish much more than a lake or large river. The fish are kind of biting and the bite should improve with the water temperature getting cooler. Till the next report hope to see you on the water. By the way I fished Knight Bridge down to Canoe Ky and only saw 6 others on the water.

Cedar Creek Lake

At the last minute I decided to go to Cedar Creek today. I got there about 1pm and was it windy. To be honest I was very disappointed. The lake was muddy, but not as bad as I had expected. The water temperature was 60 to 67 degrees. I thought I would have a great day, but fishing was hard. I caught most of my fish on small crankbaits. They were not hitting very hard. I missed more fish than I caught. They seem to just be bumping the lures. All the fish I boated were small, my biggest was 2.13 lbs. Late in the afternoon I started throwing a buzzbait and caught a couple of 2 lbers. I did hook one big fish on a buzzbait, but he took me under a big log and pulled off. I finished the day with only 12 bass and 2 trout. I have purchased a GoPro and am trying to learn how to use it, along with the software for editing.  Till the next report hope to see you on the water.

Elkhorn Fishing

I guess you can say that I fished Elkhorn yesterday, but not much. Nathan call me to help him. Tim Farmer of Kentucky Afield was coming to the store and was doing a shoot on the new Native Watercraft propeller kayak. I got to fish from the store to the bridge about half a mile. The water was running about 800 cfs which is to fast for me. I like it at 500 cfs or less. (slow fisherman) The water was clear and 58 degrees. I hooked 6 smallmouths but was only able to get one to the boat. It was a little hard to fish due to allot of moss floating in the water. The fish are biting and I hope to be able to give a better report, after this next cold front passes and we don’t get allot of rain. Till the next report hope to see you on the water.