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Stoner Creek Report

My best friend Jack wanted to get away. He had just returned home from a very trying family matter. I suggested trying Stoner Creek. The water was a little low, but was very clear. I usually start in Stroge  Creek. To be honest it was a difficult day. The water had a lot of leaves on it , making casting difficult. We lost count of all the leaves we hooked. We were trying to use crankbaits. I switched to plastics for a while and had a lot of problems also. We had some difficulty pulling the boat over riffles. I thought we would have to do quite a bit of wading. We did. The nice thing was that with the air temperature in the 90’s wading felt good. The fish were biting decent. Just not a lot of big fish. our biggest a fish that Jack caught was about 2 lbs.  About a third of our fish were smallies and the biggest was about 12 inches.  The fun started when we started back down the creek. The creek had to have dropped 2 inches. To be honest it was all we could do a times to get the boat back across the riffles. The fish are biting and the young lady at Fryman’s said they have been catching some big fish. I finished the day with 43 and Jack caught 14. This was Jack’s second fishing trip this year. The water is low and clear with a lot of scum and leaves on the surface. It reminds me of October. I just hope we get some rain to clean the water up. Till the next report hope to see you on the water.


Elkhorn Creek

Went back to Elkhorn yesterday. The weather was about perfect. The water was clear and running about 100 cfs and dropping. All I can say is it was a dink kind of day. That’s about all I caught. The fish just weren’t hitting very well. They seemed to be  just slapping at lures. I caught a lot of fish by hooking them on the outside of the mouth, thanks to sharp hooks. I was using a small stick crankbait and small plastics. I believe the crankbait worked best. This could be because of the treble hooks instead of a single hook. It was a very frustrating day. I wish I had boated the fish that I loss instead of the ones I boated. I must have loss close to 100 fish. I boated 47 smallies but only 10 to 12 were decent fish. One time I hooked a dink and was reeling it in when it pulled off and a 12 inch immediately hit and I boated it. I did hook one really nice fish that was over 3 lbs. It jumped a couple of time and the hooks pulled out, I said a few bad words. Since we just had a cold front pass thru I believe they bother small water fish much more than a lake or large river. The fish are kind of biting and the bite should improve with the water temperature getting cooler. Till the next report hope to see you on the water. By the way I fished Knight Bridge down to Canoe Ky and only saw 6 others on the water.

Stoner Creek Report

Made a last minute decision to run down to Frymans. I got there about 1pm. I motored up into Stroge Creek. The water was very clear, 74 degrees. There was a lot of leaves on the water that caused a few problems. The fish were very spooky. I had to make long cast to get them to hit. I was using a shallow crankbait about 2 inches long in shad color.  The fish were like usual very scattered. The good thing was when you did get a hit they were attacking it. There were times when I would make a cast and see a vee in the water headed toward my bait. I would just twitch it and the water would explode. The largemouths were running a little smaller than the last couple of trips. Most were in the 10 to 13 inch range. I did catch several nice smallmouths. 1 was over 16 inches. I thought I was going to have a great day till my wife called and asked about our dinner date, which I had forgot about. Luckly she called about 3:30 and I was able to make it home in time. I fished for 3.5 hours and caught 30 bass. The fish are biting and it seemed that the later in the day the bite got better. Till the next report hope to see you on the water.

Elkhorn Creek Report

Just got back from Elkhorn Creek fished from Knight’s Bridge to Canoe Ky. All I can say is have you ever had a day you should have stayed in bed, This was mine, if it could go wrong it did. Other than catching a bunch of fish it became a very trying day. The good news is that the fish were biting. The bad news is that about a third of the fish I caught were dinks. I’m not saying that the bigger fish weren’t biting, but small guys were faster. There were a number times after hooking a dink a nice fish was chasing it, trying to get the lure from it. I caught most of my fish on a small thin stickbait, only about 2 inches long. The fish were in fast water. I caught more above a rapid than below. If there was big chunk rock that was shallow with fast water I caught a lot in those areas. I finished the day with 67 fish. Other than the dinks most of my fish were 10 to 14 inches long. I did catch a nice 17 incher just before I got to Canoe Ky. Now for all the things that could go wrong and did. I had 2 dinks that were jumping around while I was trying to get them unhooked. I loss control of them and got a hook in me pass the barb. Good thing I am good at getting hooks out of people. In the swift water just above Clay Bank rapid my anchor started sliding and got hung under a rock and almost swamped the yak. I had to get out and was finally able to get the anchor loose and dump a lot of water out of my yak. I had a bearing go out of one of my new reels. I got caught in two wonderful storms. I just love lightning. After loading the yak and on the way home I had a flat. Of course it was pouring down and I had to wait for about a hour and a half for the rain to slow. After jacking the truck up and removing the tire the truck slid off the jack. I didn’t have cell phone service so I had to climb a hill to get service and another storm hit. I couldn’t locate my wife and none of my friends in the area would answer. I was able to jack the truck up a little at a time and put rock under the brake drum till it was high enough to get the jack back under it. I got the spare on and drove very slow and carefully home. I will be lucky if I get out of bed tomorrow. Here is where I say hope to see you on the water but after today I wouldn’t want my bad luck to rub off on anyone.


I went to Elkhorn this afternoon and put in at Knight’s Bridge. The water was murky and rising. When I left the house the creek was less than 400 cfs. Surprise when I got there it was rising fast. I guess it was due to the heavy rain we had in Lexington yesterday. Due to the current I had to fish faster than I wanted. I lost allot more fish than I caught. The fish were very scattered. Most were in eddies. I did catch a few above and below the rapids. I met a young fisherman who was fishing the Knight Bridge stretch for the first time. We fished together for about 3 hours and he was catching fish with a worm when he could find some slow water. I caught most of my fish on a crankbait I was ripping thru the water. The fish I caught were either very small ( less than 9 inches) or they were around 15 inches. I had 2 break me off and took 2 expensive lures. I did knock another rod overboard. We were able to wade around and found it. I love to fish Elkhorn , but it’s getting very expensive. I ended the day with only 24 smallmouth’s. I am leaving Sunday to fish the New River for a couple of days. I’ll give a report when I get back. Till the next report hope to see you on the water.


My nephew David and I fished Stoner Creek today. The reason we are fishing so much together is that we were suppose to fish the New River this weekend, but the water is to high. It was a tough day. The fish we caught were in the 12 to 14 inch range but they were very scattered. The strange thing was that they were on mud banks and not around much cover. We caught them on shallow crankbaits and a few on plastic craws. At about 5 pm it was like someone turned them off. We couldn’t find them. We finished the day with only 34 and we had several nice smallie’s. I think we are going to try some lake fishing tomorrow. Till the next report, hope to see you on the water.


My nephew David and I went to Elkhorn Creek yesterday. It was David’s first time to fish from a kayak. The water was alittle murky and running at 250 cfs. Fishing was rough. The fish were at the top of the rapids in fast water. We lost allot more fish than we boated. They were hitting small crankbaits and mini Flukes. The fish we caught were small. We may have caught 4 or 5 in the 12 inch range. I was proud of David he never turned over all thought he did get wet, as hot as it was that felt good. We both boated 14 bass apiece When the water clears some more I will give them another try. Till the next report , hope to see you on the water.