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Cedar Creek Lake

At the last minute I decided to go to Cedar Creek today. I got there about 1pm and was it windy. To be honest I was very disappointed. The lake was muddy, but not as bad as I had expected. The water temperature was 60 to 67 degrees. I thought I would have a great day, but fishing was hard. I caught most of my fish on small crankbaits. They were not hitting very hard. I missed more fish than I caught. They seem to just be bumping the lures. All the fish I boated were small, my biggest was 2.13 lbs. Late in the afternoon I started throwing a buzzbait and caught a couple of 2 lbers. I did hook one big fish on a buzzbait, but he took me under a big log and pulled off. I finished the day with only 12 bass and 2 trout. I have purchased a GoPro and am trying to learn how to use it, along with the software for editing.  Till the next report hope to see you on the water.


Cedar Creek Lake Report

I finally got to go fishing. I went to Cedar Creek Lake. I fished yesterday (4-9-13). The main lake was 52 degrees and it was alittle warmer in the creeks. It took a while to find the fish. The bass were in the backs of the creek arms. They were laying beside down logs. I really didn’t get a good pattern. I caught fish on crankbaits, Zoom craws, flukes and buzzbaits. Yes buzzbaits. I ended the day with 29 bass. My biggest was 3. 9 lbs. I only had a couple under 2 lbs. I will say I kept hooking some funny looking fish that fought very hard. They kept getting off. When I finally boated one I was so surprised, It was a rainbow trout. I had forgot that the state had stocked them in the lake last year. One I boated was the biggest rainbow I have ever caught alittle under 3 lbs. Since I had found the fish I went back today to tear them up. It is some time hard to believe what can happen in 24 hours. The fish had moved. I was only able to catch 8 bass today and they were small. I am here scratching my head, but that’s fishing. I have my yak cleaned up and I’m planning to fish Elkhorn next week if we don’t get to much rain and I get a turkey this weekend. Till the next report I hope to see you on the water