It has been over a week since I have gone fishing. I believe I was going into fishing withdrawal. I went down to Fryman’s this afternoon. I expected it to be hard fishing due to the cold front that just went thru. I was right. The water was super clear and still had a little current. Due to the clear water I had to make long cast as to not spook the fish. My last couple of outing I have caught only two sizes of fish super small or keepers. Today I found the middle size. The 6 to 11 inchers. I started the afternoon using a craw. I never got a hit on one. I went to a shallow stickbait and a deep diving crankbait. I caught fish on both. The funny thing was the Bluegill were hitting like crazy. I caught more of them than I caught bass. I caught a 1.5 inch bluegill on a 2 inch crankbait. That was how bad it was. The smallmouth were hitting better than the largemouths. Almost half of my catch were smallies. My biggest fish of the day was a 16 inch smallie. It was the largest smallie I have caught at Fryman’s this year. I only had 6 to 8 fish that were keepers. No big fish. I finished the day with only 41 bass. A decent day considering the conditions. The fish are biting some and they should improve over the weekend. Till the next post hope to see you on the water.



Taylorsville Lake Report

My Girl Friend has apparently found her a new Sugar Daddy with some money. She wanted to stay home instead of going fishing with me. What is wrong with the girl. I decided to finally give Taylorsville a try. The lake is at Summer pool and has a good algae bloom. You can only see down about a foot and a half. The water temperature was 86 degrees. I have to admit it was hot today. There was very little wind which is very unusual for Taylorsville. The second unusual thing was the shad were deep today. There was very little topwater activity. To be honest it was another tough day. The fish were very scattered and on wood. I had to fish a little deeper than normal. The fish I caught were down 5 feet or a little deeper.  I never did find any decent fish. all were in the 10 to 12 inch range. I had one that went 13.5 inches. I only lost 6 fish, but I only boated 10. I caught all of my fish on crankbaits they were chrome or white with a black back. I tried a worm for a while and all I got hits on were Green Sunfish. The fish are biting, but you have to cover a lot of water. Till the next post hope to see you on the water. By the way there was only 6 boats on the water when I got there at about noon. I almost forgot. I got the you know what scared out of me. I was fishing a bank with a lot of weeds on shore. All of a sudden a big black hairy thing came out of the weeds and jumped in the water getting me wet. I almost left the boat. It turned out to be a River Otter I slipped up on lying in the weeds. Sabrina would have laughed her but off. I didn’t know I could still move that fast.8-16-17

Stoner Creek Report

Yesterday I went down to Stoner Creek. I put in below the dam at Fryman’s. It turn in to the toughest day fishing this year. With the cloud cover I hoped for a good topwater bite. The water was in great shape and there was a good flow still. The only problem I encountered was there were a lot of leaves on the water. With the wind there were areas of leaves that were so thick that it was very difficult to fish. I have to say I tried everything. I tried a buzzbait, craws, deep crankbait, shallow crankbait and flukes. I did catch Bass on everything but the craws. I only caught Redeye on them. I caught most of my fish on the buzzbait which was a lot of fun. The only problem was the fish were very scattered. Almost all the fish caught was on or near wood. I finished the afternoon with only 17 bass. The good news was only 2 were dinks. My larges was a 2.5 pounder I caught on a buzzbait. If you are really bored I did take my GoPro with me and I have a short video of my afternoon on YouTube. Till the next post hope to see you on the water.

South Elkhorn Fishing Report

Sabrina, Aaron and I decided to give South Elkhorn a try. We put in at about 9:30 am. The flow was low at about 45 cfs. I knew we were going to rub a few rocks at that flow. The fishing started slow. Although the first fish I caught was a 14 incher. With the cloud cover we had to cover a lot of water. The first fish we caught were mainly on wood.   We mainly caught two sizes of fish Very, very small or 10 to 14 inchers. When I say small I’m describing fish that were just a little bigger than the lures they were caught on.  The bite changed about the time it started to rain which was about 11:00. The fish were on chunk rock with some current. Of course none of us had rain gear. When I left this morning the weatherman was saying that it wouldn’t rain till this evening. The lying so and so. We continued to fish till I finally checked the radar and saw the heavy rain headed our way. We quit fishing around 3:30 and started paddling  to try to beat the rain. Guess what we didn’t. We all got soaked. We were about 2.5 miles from the take out when the heavy rain hit. We finished the day with the following numbers. Aaron had 19, Sabrina had 36 and I had 52. A total of over a hundred fish. Not a great day but decent. If it hadn’t started raining hard I believe we could have had a much better day, because the bite was improving later in the day. Till the next  post hope to see you on the water.



The New River

I just got back from a 2 day fishing trip on the New River. I went with 7 great friends. We had a great time. Each day was different. Our first day was cloudy with a couple of rain showers. The second was clear and blue bird skies. The first day the water level was about normal for this time of year with it being a little dingy. The second day the water was up over 1000 cfs and much clearer. We were mainly using crankbaits, but there were a few fish caught on topwater.  To be honest we had good fishing. We should have had great fishing but the fish were slapping at our lures and we loss 3 to 4 times more fish than we boated. Each of the 4 boats boated over 100 fish for the trip. Our biggest was a 19 incher caught on a buzzbait. For the most part the fish were running a little smaller that in the past. Most of the fish were in the 8 to 14 inch range. My biggest was a 17.5 incher. The bad news is my friend and outfitter will be closing his business in September. I am hoping one of the boat guides will take over the business. All I have to say if you ever get the chance to fish the New River DO IT. It has to be one of the best Smallmouth fishery’s in the country. The river is beautiful, running the rapids is unbelievable. Our guides

sure know how to control their boats. The first time you go down some of the high class 3 rapids with roller of 3 to 4 feet it will be exciting plus you will be a little puckered. All I can say is the scenery is worth the trip and the fishing is a super bonus. Thanks to Parker (My fishing partner) Robby, Coby, Tim, Sabina, Aaron and David (a great nephew). I just hope we can do it again. Till the next post hope to see you on the water.

Private Lake Fishing

I had 3 cousin N laws( John Toby and Bill) that wanted me to take them fishing. They didn’t have a lot of time. I decided to play guide and took them to the private lake. 4 people in a boat is very interesting. The good news was there was very little blood loss and I didn’t have to  show how good I am at removing hooks from body parts. It was hotter than I thought it would be with the humidity. On the water we had a good breeze, that made boat control fun. With the cloud cover I had hoped for a better topwater bite. The fish were shallow we didn’t catch a fish over 3 foot deep. I did catch some nice fish on a buzzbait. The great lure God did receive a number of lures. We only fished about 4 hours and we boated 50 bass and a number of Bluegill. Toby boated the biggest fish that went about 3 lbs. It got to be interesting trying to control the boat, tie on lures, get knots out of lines and retrieve lures out of trees or hung on something on the lake bottom. The best thing was everyone caught fish so I guess I earned my pay. Oh wait I didn’t get paid. I had fun and I believe everyone did too. Till the next post hope to see you on the water.20294427_10155404183920460_8461117768202090357_n


Stoner Creek/Strode Creek

Robby and I went down to Fryman’s. The water was at the normal level for this time of year. The water looks muddy, but it is due to a brown algae bloom. We went up into Strode creek. I caught a couple of good fish on a 3 inch craw. I also threw a buzzbait and caught another couple of fish. We started crankbaiting. I caught about 4 dink Smallies.  To be honest the fish were not biting. We ended up only catching about 12 fish. The largemouths we were catching were nice fish. I decided to make a change. We left Strode Creek and we went all the way up Stoner to the Mill Dam. There were a lot of weeds in the area. I started throwing a buzzbait and I would catch an occasional nice Largemouth. We tried frogs around the weeds and logs. We had several hits, but we never hooked a fish. We fished all the way back down to Strode Creek. The only thing we caught a fish on was a Buzzbait. I finished the day with only 19 Bass. 10 were caught on a Buzzbait and all were nice 1.5 to 2.5 lb. I believe this cool front screwed every thing up. I sure hope things improve. Robby finished the day with only 5 fish, but no dinks like I had.  Till the next post hope to see you on the water.