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Strode Creek Fishing

I had wanted to give Taylorsville Lake a try, but my fishing partner wasn’t feeling good and a small emergency at home delayed me. I decided to make a late trip down to Fryman’s. The Creeks were up 4 to 5 inches with current. The water was murky but clearing. I went up Stoner and saw that Strode Creek was a little clearer and didn’t have much Duckweed on it. Apparently they had some bad storms. Strode creek had a number of trees down in the water and it made it difficult to get up. About 2.5 miles up the creek there are 2 trees down that are completely blocking it and I had to turn around. If all the rain that we are suppose to get doesn’t wash them out I will have to make sure to take a saw with me. They are blocking a part of the creek I love to fish and usually have great luck. The fish were in shallow water just on the edge of the current in the shade because of the bright sun. I never found any schools which I thought they should be doing by now. The fish came in basically two sizes. Dinks and keepers. I didn’t boat any fish over about 2.5 lbs but of course loss a couple of much bigger fish. They were hitting on a chrome stickbait that only went down maybe 3 feet on a long cast. I didn’t have a great day which I should have. Because I got there late I was fishing behind 2 boats that had gotten there first. Since the creek is small I believe the boat traffic does bother the fish some. I finished the day with only 55 bass. The surprise was I didn’t catch that  many Smallmouths, but I did boat one nice one. If we get all the rain they are saying we are going to get it will be a while before we will be able to get on the water. I did remember to take my GoPro and I have uploaded a video of my day on YouTube. If you are bored with all the rain give it a look.. Till the next post hope to see you on the water.


Stoner Creek Report

I wanted to fish Elkhorn today but I couldn’t find anyone to go with me. You need 2 trucks to make the float. David had a stomach bug and I sure didn’t want to be around him. Aaron and Sabrina were putting up hay. I damn sure didn’t want to help them. I have had my fill of that. So I went down to Stoner again. I was hoping for a buzzbait bite. To many times fisherman won’t throw a buzzbait on a sunny day. I found that there are days when they hit great. Just cast to the shade. I did catch 3 fish on a buzzbait and missed a bunch more. The creek was up just a little, but it has cleared. You can see down 3 feet or so.  After throwing the buzzbait awhile I changed to a shallow stickbait and caught some small fish. I changed to a deeper diver and found that the only color they would hit good on was silver or chrome. I never did find the big fish. The largest I boated was about 2 lbs. I did loss several bigger fish. I caught almost all of my fish on wood and on a mud bank. The only fish I caught on rock were small Smallmouths. I did try a plastic craw and caught a few fish but the bluegill and green sunfish were worrying me to death. I didn’t have a great afternoon but it sure beat working in the yard. I finished the day with only 44 bass and to be honest most were dinks. Till the next post hope to see you on the water.


ps I am uploading a video of this afternoons trip on youtube.

Stoner Creek

I have been in Canada for a week  and haven’t posted anything. I’m not posting about our trip to Canada because we couldn’t find the fish I only boated 10 fish per day which is terrible. Yesterday Sabrina and I made a trip to Stoner Creek. The creek was dingy, you could only see down about a foot and it was up about 6 inches with decent current. After this cold front I thought we may have a difficult time. We started with shallow stickbaits and only caught a few fish. We went to a deeper diving crankbait and the bite improved . We were using silver or white in color. Sabrina changed to a deeper diving crankbait in yellow with lime green and she started to catch fish. It didn’t take me long to change to something that looked similar. After that we started to catch the fish. We had a great day. There really was no pattern, we caught fish on rock, wood and just in open water. I believe this was due to the cloud cover. We hooked and loss some big ones. My biggest was a 3.5 pounder and I loss I know 4-5 more that were that big. Sabrina’s biggest was just under 3 lbs. One very interesting note was late in the afternoon she hooked a nice fish and was fighting it . When she got it up to where we could see it we got a big surprise. She had a possible 2.5 lb largemouth on the front hook and a 1 lb smallmouth on the back hook. Unfortunately the Largemouth was able to get off before I could grab them. I did throw a buzzbait for some time and had 5 hits , but only was able to boat one fish, a 2 pounder. We finished the day boating 92 bass about a third were smallies. The creek will be clearing and the fish are biting, you need to get out. Till the next post hope to see you on the water.

Stoner Creek/Strode Creek

I went to Fryman’s today. It was a tough day. The water was up about a foot with a lot of current. The water was very murky. You could only see down about 8 inches. I had planned to fish Stoner above Strode Creek. I was hoping to throw a buzzbait over all the lay down timber in the shade. When I got to Strode Creek it was much clearer. I decided to fish it instead of Stoner.  I have never fished Strode Creek with it up about a foot. It had a strong current and with the wind , positioning the boat was interesting. I found some fish in the small eddies close to the current. For some reason I didn’t catch any fish in the larger eddies.  When I did hook a fish there were usually several more in the same eddies. I was able to catch them on a watermelon color 3 inch craw and a chrome shallow crankbait. I was only able to fish for about 4 hours. Due to the current I had to keep my trolling motor on high and the battery started to give out. I only boated 15 bass most were largemouths. I had only 3 keepers, but the rest were in the 10 to 11 inch range. I loss again more fish than I boated. The one high light was that I hooked the biggest bass I have ever hooked in Strode Creek. I got it up to the boat and of course the hook pulled out. I would guess it in the 4 to 4.5 lb. range. Depending on how much rain we get the creeks should be in good shape by tomorrow. Till the next report hope to see you on the water.


Lake St Clair

I just got home from my first fishing trip to Lake St Clair. To say it was terrible would be an understatement. The weather was about perfect except for one major problem. THE WIND. We fished 3 out of the four days we had planned.  The wind was never less than 25 mph. The waves were 2 feet or better. Try to get a bassboat on plane out in that kind of chop. I felt at times that my kidneys were down around my ankles. There were times that it was just impossible to get on plane and we had to idle for miles. Last Thursday there were small craft warnings and wind gust to over 40 mph. We didn’t even try to go out. We fished sheltered coves but there were few fish to be found. To be honest even the coves had a lot of chop on them which made casting a real issue.  On Tuesday our first day I was able to boat 7

bass. On Wednesday it got real bad and I was only able to boat 3 fish. Our last day Friday we had a cold front that had just gone thru and it was 46 degrees with 25 mph wind. I thought I wore enough clothing under my coveralls. By the late afternoon I was freezing.  I will say that I finally started catching some fish. I finished the day with 17 bass. The size was great. My smallies fish was 2 lbs 10 ozs and my largest was 3 lbs 6 ozs. The guys with me in another boat caught several 4.5 lbers and their big fish was 5.5 lbs. I lost so many fish that I wish I had boated the one I loss over the ones I did boat. I would have had much better numbers. Most of our fish were caught on plastics. Flukes and grubs. On Friday  I started to get hits on Watermelon grubs only. I had some Lime Green dye so I started dying the tails lime green and seem to really improve my catch or hook rate. I think I’m going to rest a couple of days before my next trip. Till the next report hope to see you on the water. (with no wind)

Taylorsville Lake Report

0508171726aI needed to run my bass boat to make sure everything was working for my upcoming Canada fishing trip. I decided to go to Taylorsville Lake. I wasn’t sure if I could catch any fish due to the big cold front that just went thru. The lake was up about a foot, but very clear for Taylorsville. I had several surprises. The first was the water temperature was between 65 and 70 degrees, much warmer than I would have thought. I caught more fish than I thought I would. They were very scattered but on wood. The second surprise was I saw 2 bass guarding fry. I thought the spawn was over. I caught most of my fish on a chrome color crankbait. The biggest problem was due to the clear water I had to keep cleaning the moss off of my lure. I did catch a few fish on a white Fluke. The fish were running between 11 and 14 inches. I did boat a 16 inch fish and 2 dinks. I hooked 20 bass and was able to boat 15 of them. I’m not sure how well the fish will be biting with another cold front coming thru. Till the next post hope to see you on the water.

Stoner Creek

I had my fishing class this morning. We had a good turn out and I believe everyone went away with some new ideas and understanding of bass fishing. After the class David, Aaron, Sabrina and I hit


Stoner to prove we could catch some fish. I will say we had some good success. The water was up a little with some current. The water was a little on the dingy side.  To be honest we caught fish on every thing we tried. We caught them on buzzbaits, craws, deep crankbaits and shallow stickbaits. We didn’t have super numbers, but we caught some great size fish. Our biggest was 3.5 lbs which David caught on a buzzbait. As a group we boated over a hundred Bass. Sabrina and I  boated 27 bass each and I know that half or better were 12 inches or bigger. We had several in the 2.5 lb class with only 6 dinks. I believe David and Aaron did about the same. The pattern was they were on every thing rocks, wood and even in the middle of the creek. The unusual thing was the largemouths seemed to be in the current and the smallmouths were in the calm water. David and I ran into the same pattern one time last year. We only fished for about 5 hours, but we all had a great time. The fish are biting good so give them a try. Till the next post hope to see you on the water.