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Stoner Creek Report

Just got home from Fryman’s.  Stoner was about the only water that was fishable. The water was dingy and up about 8 inches, with good current. It was a good day for numbers, but I wasn’t able to locate the big fish. So far this spring I haven’t found the big guys which is unusual. Spring is normally when I catch my biggest fish of the year. I started slow and tried about everything. Craws, deep crankbaits, topwater and finally very shallow stickbaits.  I caught a few on a medium running crankbait.  I finally found fish very shallow 2 feet or less.  They  wanted a thin silver stickbait that on a long cast would dive to maybe 2.5 feet.  Most of my fish ran between 8 and 10 inches with a few smaller. I changed to a very light action rod with 6# line. which made catching these small guys fun.  I did boat  about 15 keepers with my biggest that went 2.5 lbs. Most of the bigger fish looked like they were still full of eggs. I never saw any beds. I did talk to one fisherman and he said the he had caught one fish with a bloody tail. The water did get up to 69 degrees late this afternoon so they should be starting to spawn soon.  I only caught 7 smallmouths and they were all little. With the water temperature they should be spawning but I never found them.  I finished the day with 52 bass, as I said the numbers were good , but I wish the quality was better. The fish are biting if you can find some decent water. Till the next post hope to see you on the water.

ps The smallie looks bigger because I had it close to the camera. It was only about 9 inches.


Fishing Classes

Here is a couple of fishing classes I will be teaching.
First will be Kayak fishing 101 on April 21 starting at 1pm till 3pm. It will be held at Canoe Kentucky at 7323 Peaks Mill Rd Frankfort Ky. It is a 30 minute drive from Lexington. I will be discussing Kayaks and how I fish from them. I will also discuss fishing equipment and patterns I use on Elkhorn Creek.
Second I will have a class on Bass fishing in Central Kentucky. It will be at Fryman’s Boat Dock 860 Spears Mill Rd Paris Kentucky. I will be discussing the different types of fishing equipment. Knots, Lures. Fishing lines, rods. Lure presentation Boat positioning and much more. This will be on May the 5th at 10 am to 12pm. If you plan to attend please call and reserve a spot for both events. This is to help know how many people to expect. Hope to see you there.
Now if the weather would improve I would love to get some fishing in. If you are bored go to Youtube and type in Tommy Puckett. I have several video’s of me fishing Elkhorn and Stoner Creeks.


I had hoped that Elkhorn would be down low enough to fish. It’s still higher than I like to fish at this water temperature. I went down to Fryman’s. The water was up a little, so there was some current. The water temp was 70 degrees. The water was so clear, like my late Dad would say it was gin clear. I never knew were he got that expression because I never saw him take a drink in my life. I could see rocks, ledges and logs as deep as 6 feet. The only good thing was I saw structure where I catch a lot of fish I had never seen. Now I know why I catch fish there. To say it was tough fishing would be an understatement. If it wasn’t for dinks and Smallmouths I wouldn’t have caught anything. It was so bad that I couldn’t even get Bluegill to hit. Due to the clear water I saw some nice fish, but couldn’t get them to hit anything. I don’t remember catching a fish that was more than 18 inches deep. I had to make long cast because I was spooking the fish if they were within 50 feet of the boat. Because of the long cast I loss a lot of fish. I did hook a few keepers, but I never did get one in the boat. My biggest fish were a couple of Smallies that were about 11 inches.  I tried about everything and the only lure I caught fish on was a very shallow running stickbait made by Bass Pro. that was shiny. I finished the day with only 19 fish and as I said most were dinks and Smallmouths.  Till the next post hope to see you on the water.0908171355


It has been over a week since I have gone fishing. I believe I was going into fishing withdrawal. I went down to Fryman’s this afternoon. I expected it to be hard fishing due to the cold front that just went thru. I was right. The water was super clear and still had a little current. Due to the clear water I had to make long cast as to not spook the fish. My last couple of outing I have caught only two sizes of fish super small or keepers. Today I found the middle size. The 6 to 11 inchers. I started the afternoon using a craw. I never got a hit on one. I went to a shallow stickbait and a deep diving crankbait. I caught fish on both. The funny thing was the Bluegill were hitting like crazy. I caught more of them than I caught bass. I caught a 1.5 inch bluegill on a 2 inch crankbait. That was how bad it was. The smallmouth were hitting better than the largemouths. Almost half of my catch were smallies. My biggest fish of the day was a 16 inch smallie. It was the largest smallie I have caught at Fryman’s this year. I only had 6 to 8 fish that were keepers. No big fish. I finished the day with only 41 bass. A decent day considering the conditions. The fish are biting some and they should improve over the weekend. Till the next post hope to see you on the water.


Stoner Creek/Strode Creek

Robby and I went down to Fryman’s. The water was at the normal level for this time of year. The water looks muddy, but it is due to a brown algae bloom. We went up into Strode creek. I caught a couple of good fish on a 3 inch craw. I also threw a buzzbait and caught another couple of fish. We started crankbaiting. I caught about 4 dink Smallies.  To be honest the fish were not biting. We ended up only catching about 12 fish. The largemouths we were catching were nice fish. I decided to make a change. We left Strode Creek and we went all the way up Stoner to the Mill Dam. There were a lot of weeds in the area. I started throwing a buzzbait and I would catch an occasional nice Largemouth. We tried frogs around the weeds and logs. We had several hits, but we never hooked a fish. We fished all the way back down to Strode Creek. The only thing we caught a fish on was a Buzzbait. I finished the day with only 19 Bass. 10 were caught on a Buzzbait and all were nice 1.5 to 2.5 lb. I believe this cool front screwed every thing up. I sure hope things improve. Robby finished the day with only 5 fish, but no dinks like I had.  Till the next post hope to see you on the water.

Stoner Creek

To be honest I wanted to go anywhere but Stoner Creek. I couldn’t go to Elkhorn the Flow is way to high. I thought about Taylorsville but they have pulled the plug on it and they are dropping it over a foot a day. The

wind would have been very bad there also.  So Stoner it was. The good news is I met the guy who burned my carpet and he paid me for the damage. The water was up 3 to 4 inches with good current. The water was still a little murky but you could see down a foot to a foot and a half. I started with a 3 inch craw and caught a couple of decent fish on it. I went to a silver crankbait that would dive to about 4 feet. I caught several on it.  When I got into shallower water I went to a silver and black stickbait. I started getting a lot of hits with it. The largemouths were on wood near current. The Smallies were scattered. It seemed that I caught 2 sizes of fish, very small dinks and keepers or bigger. I loss a lot of fish today for some reason. I would have had a great day if I could have boated half of the fish I loss. Twice I hooked two fish on the same lure. The first broke one of my treble hooks. The second time was unbelievable. I hooked a fish that was about a pound and a half and a second fish came up and hit the lure with the fish on it. The second fish was 3 lbs or better. Try to land close to 5 lbs of fish at the same time. The larger fish final got off. I was fun while it lasted. The fish may be finally starting to school. I caught 3 to 6 fish in the same area a few times. I finished the day with 71. The smallies were running very small. I only caught 2 or 3 that were decent. My biggest fish landed was on a buzzbait beside a log in the middle of the creek. The fish are biting, you need to get out there. Till the next post hope to see you on the water.