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Taylorsville Lake Report

My Girl Friend has apparently found her a new Sugar Daddy with some money. She wanted to stay home instead of going fishing with me. What is wrong with the girl. I decided to finally give Taylorsville a try. The lake is at Summer pool and has a good algae bloom. You can only see down about a foot and a half. The water temperature was 86 degrees. I have to admit it was hot today. There was very little wind which is very unusual for Taylorsville. The second unusual thing was the shad were deep today. There was very little topwater activity. To be honest it was another tough day. The fish were very scattered and on wood. I had to fish a little deeper than normal. The fish I caught were down 5 feet or a little deeper.  I never did find any decent fish. all were in the 10 to 12 inch range. I had one that went 13.5 inches. I only lost 6 fish, but I only boated 10. I caught all of my fish on crankbaits they were chrome or white with a black back. I tried a worm for a while and all I got hits on were Green Sunfish. The fish are biting, but you have to cover a lot of water. Till the next post hope to see you on the water. By the way there was only 6 boats on the water when I got there at about noon. I almost forgot. I got the you know what scared out of me. I was fishing a bank with a lot of weeds on shore. All of a sudden a big black hairy thing came out of the weeds and jumped in the water getting me wet. I almost left the boat. It turned out to be a River Otter I slipped up on lying in the weeds. Sabrina would have laughed her but off. I didn’t know I could still move that fast.8-16-17

Stoner Creek Report

Yesterday I went down to Stoner Creek. I put in below the dam at Fryman’s. It turn in to the toughest day fishing this year. With the cloud cover I hoped for a good topwater bite. The water was in great shape and there was a good flow still. The only problem I encountered was there were a lot of leaves on the water. With the wind there were areas of leaves that were so thick that it was very difficult to fish. I have to say I tried everything. I tried a buzzbait, craws, deep crankbait, shallow crankbait and flukes. I did catch Bass on everything but the craws. I only caught Redeye on them. I caught most of my fish on the buzzbait which was a lot of fun. The only problem was the fish were very scattered. Almost all the fish caught was on or near wood. I finished the afternoon with only 17 bass. The good news was only 2 were dinks. My larges was a 2.5 pounder I caught on a buzzbait. If you are really bored I did take my GoPro with me and I have a short video of my afternoon on YouTube. Till the next post hope to see you on the water.

Stoner Creek/Strode Creek

Robby and I went down to Fryman’s. The water was at the normal level for this time of year. The water looks muddy, but it is due to a brown algae bloom. We went up into Strode creek. I caught a couple of good fish on a 3 inch craw. I also threw a buzzbait and caught another couple of fish. We started crankbaiting. I caught about 4 dink Smallies.  To be honest the fish were not biting. We ended up only catching about 12 fish. The largemouths we were catching were nice fish. I decided to make a change. We left Strode Creek and we went all the way up Stoner to the Mill Dam. There were a lot of weeds in the area. I started throwing a buzzbait and I would catch an occasional nice Largemouth. We tried frogs around the weeds and logs. We had several hits, but we never hooked a fish. We fished all the way back down to Strode Creek. The only thing we caught a fish on was a Buzzbait. I finished the day with only 19 Bass. 10 were caught on a Buzzbait and all were nice 1.5 to 2.5 lb. I believe this cool front screwed every thing up. I sure hope things improve. Robby finished the day with only 5 fish, but no dinks like I had.  Till the next post hope to see you on the water.

Private Lake

My buddy Robby has been wanting to get some practice fishing in before our West Virginia, New River trip this weekend. I decided to take him over to the private lake. Since it was still cloudy I was hoping for a good buzzbait bite. I never had a fish hit it. The water was clear and in the high 80’s. We threw 2 kinds of crankbaits. Very Shallow stickbaits or deep diving crankbaits. When I say deep diving I mean one that will dive to 5 feet or a little deeper. I was  surprised that a lot of the fish were less than 2 feet deep. We didn’t catch very many large fish. Most were in the 10 to 13 inch range. I did have one fish that looked about 3# break me off. Another surprise was how many pan fish were hitting and getting hooked. Bluegill and Warmouths. We had two surprises. Robby hooked a big fish and it took him a while to land it. It turned out to be about a 4 lbs Channel catfish on a crankbait. About the time we were quitting I hooked what I thought was a big Drum. It must have taken me 3 minutes to land the fish. It turned out to be a 8# Channel Catfish which I hooked in less than 2 feet of water. We didn’t have a great afternoon but we boated 50 bass total. I just wish they were bigger. We are thinking about another trip tomorrow if possible. Till the next post hope to see you on the water.20376005_10210437747524772_2284038781611582950_n

Stoner Creek

I know that everybody must think that I am only fishing Stoner Creek this year. Elkhorn is still to high to fish the way I like to fish it. The  wind was blowing to hard for me to go to Taylorsville Lake. I decided to go to Stoner Creek. I put in at a friends farm. I just built some new tandem bladed buzzbaits I want to give a try.  I have to say I had a great but terrible day. I did catch fish on my new buzzbaits. For some reason I hooked the biggest bass I have every hooked in Stoner, but I loss I know 3 times as many as I boated. I boated about 8 bass on my buzzbaits and Loss 20 to 25. I trimmed the skirt shorter that didn’t help. I added a stinger hook and that didn’t help either. I believe the fish were just slapping at the buzzbaits. When I was in shallow water I caught some on a small silver and black stickbait. In deeper water I used a chrome deep diving crankbait that went down 4 to 5 feet. After throwing a buzzbait over laydowns I would use a 3 inch craw.  I caught fish on everything I used. I loss count of bass 2.5 lbs or bigger I hooked that got off. The water was so clear I could see down about 3 to 4 feet which let me see the fish I was losing. I finished the day with only 37 fish, but 12 were 2.5 to 4 lbs. My biggest was caught on a craw. It may have been bigger than 4 lbs. I couldn’t

weight them because the battery died in my scales. Along with these pictures I should have a video of some of my big fish I caught or missed. It will be on YouTube later. The fish are active, so you need to get on the water. Till the next post hope to see you on the water.

Stoner Creek

To be honest I wanted to go anywhere but Stoner Creek. I couldn’t go to Elkhorn the Flow is way to high. I thought about Taylorsville but they have pulled the plug on it and they are dropping it over a foot a day. The

wind would have been very bad there also.  So Stoner it was. The good news is I met the guy who burned my carpet and he paid me for the damage. The water was up 3 to 4 inches with good current. The water was still a little murky but you could see down a foot to a foot and a half. I started with a 3 inch craw and caught a couple of decent fish on it. I went to a silver crankbait that would dive to about 4 feet. I caught several on it.  When I got into shallower water I went to a silver and black stickbait. I started getting a lot of hits with it. The largemouths were on wood near current. The Smallies were scattered. It seemed that I caught 2 sizes of fish, very small dinks and keepers or bigger. I loss a lot of fish today for some reason. I would have had a great day if I could have boated half of the fish I loss. Twice I hooked two fish on the same lure. The first broke one of my treble hooks. The second time was unbelievable. I hooked a fish that was about a pound and a half and a second fish came up and hit the lure with the fish on it. The second fish was 3 lbs or better. Try to land close to 5 lbs of fish at the same time. The larger fish final got off. I was fun while it lasted. The fish may be finally starting to school. I caught 3 to 6 fish in the same area a few times. I finished the day with 71. The smallies were running very small. I only caught 2 or 3 that were decent. My biggest fish landed was on a buzzbait beside a log in the middle of the creek. The fish are biting, you need to get out there. Till the next post hope to see you on the water.

Stoner Creek

I know we all have one of those days we just should have stayed in bed. Today was one of those for me. I got up and decided to run down to Fryman’s. I wanted to fish Elkhorn but the flow is still higher than I like. Just as I was about to leave the phone rings. I normally don’t answer but I was waiting on a call from an Insurance agent. It was my sister-n-law crying because her vehicle needed a jump. I go and jump her car and I decide to check the gas in the boat. Guess what it was about empty. Now I have to stop and get gas. I am trying to hurry because the storms are coming. I finally get to Fryman’s and Lindsay ask me for advice on a couple of issues. I finally launch the boat and up the creek I go. I decide to go up Strode Creek  because there is less moss on the water. When I finally get close to where I usually start fishing there is a boat with 2 guys in it fishing.  I decide to go pass them and go further up the creek so as to not bother them. When I started pass they just stayed in the middle of the creek causing me to have to pass very close to them. I say something to them and no response. I say something else and one kind of grunts something back. The guy in the back of the boat never said anything and is smoking a cigarette. I very slowly motor pass and go a good 3 to 4 hundred yard before I turn the motor off. When I do I find the guy with the cigarette has flicked it into my boat and it has burned a hole in my new carpet. I now see RED.  I look back at them and here they come as fast as their trolling motor will go so they can pass me. When they start to pass I confront them about the burn. We get into a discussion and they kind of admit it was their cigarette.  They leave. I get my phone and call Lindsey to see if she has their information. Apparently they hear me and come back and apologize. They are suppose to call me to pay for the damage. I’m not going to hold my breath. I will probably have to take them to Small Claims Ct. Now to fishing I only caught 17 Bass 5 or 6 were keepers, several were dinks. It stared to thunder and rain. Being so upset I decided to call it a day. I caught my fish on a shallow blue and white stickbait. I hope by the next post I will  have calmed down till then hope to see you on the water.


ps Sorry for the venting.