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Fishing Classes

Here is a couple of fishing classes I will be teaching.
First will be Kayak fishing 101 on April 21 starting at 1pm till 3pm. It will be held at Canoe Kentucky at 7323 Peaks Mill Rd Frankfort Ky. It is a 30 minute drive from Lexington. I will be discussing Kayaks and how I fish from them. I will also discuss fishing equipment and patterns I use on Elkhorn Creek.
Second I will have a class on Bass fishing in Central Kentucky. It will be at Fryman’s Boat Dock 860 Spears Mill Rd Paris Kentucky. I will be discussing the different types of fishing equipment. Knots, Lures. Fishing lines, rods. Lure presentation Boat positioning and much more. This will be on May the 5th at 10 am to 12pm. If you plan to attend please call and reserve a spot for both events. This is to help know how many people to expect. Hope to see you there.
Now if the weather would improve I would love to get some fishing in. If you are bored go to Youtube and type in Tommy Puckett. I have several video’s of me fishing Elkhorn and Stoner Creeks.


Elkhorn Creek

I finally made it to Elkhorn. It was a very tough day. The fish were biting some. The biggest problem was the wind. It was blowing up the creek and made yak control and casting very difficult. I had hoped for a buzzbait bite due to the cloud cover. Never got a hit. The two  lures I caught fish on was a very shallow stickbait that was white with a black back. The second was a mini fluke. Most of the fish I caught on the stickbait was hooked on the outside of their mouth. That tells me they weren’t hungry, but were slapping at the bait. They didn’t hit the fluke much better. There were several time I set the hook so hard the fish would be yanked out of the water and sail 10 feet and wasn’t hooked. The best place I found were small eddies near some current. I didn’t catch any fish in fast moving water. If the eddie was in water that was a foot deep it seemed to hold a fish. Most of my fish were in the 8 to 10 inch range. I did boat one that was 14.5 inches. A surprise was I caught 2 Largemouths. I only boated 21 fish.  I loss 2 to 3 times more fish than I boated. I did take my GoPro but I don’t know if I have video of enough fish to put on YouTube. Till the next post hope to see you on the water.

Elkhorn Creek

I went down to Elkhorn today with 2 beautiful young ladies. To be honest that was the high light of the day. We fished from Knight’s Bridge down to Canoe Ky. The water was clear and 92 degrees. (bath water) The fishing was hard. We tried about every thing and we just couldn’t get them to hit much. With the clear water we saw all kinds of fish. They just wasn’t interested. I believe we got more hits on mini flukes. The fish would hit and just grab the tails. We missed so many fish it wasn’t funny. We tried different colors, no improvement.  We did catch a few fish on shallow crankbaits. You couldn’t let your lures run to deep or you would pickup moss or get hung up. The greats moment was Sabrina caught a fish on a crankbait.  It jumped and one of the hooks got hung in a cord on the front of her yak. I was working myself a round her yak when she leaned too far over the side to see what it was hooked on. I grabbed her yak to help and she almost took me with her as she went in.  She loss her rod for a minute or two. When she recovered it. It still had the fish on. She said it felt good. We didn’t catch any big fish. Most were dinks. Our largest was 12-13 inches. We saw plenty of big fish they just wouldn’t hit. This was Kendell’s first time fishing from a yak and casting on her own. I was very impressed. She didn’t catch very many trees and only broke off one time.  I look forward to another trip with the ladies.  It was a beautiful day to be on the creek, I just wish the fish were biting. We finished the day with Sabrina boating 8, Kendell boated 7 and I boated 22. Till the next post hope to see you on the water.

ps. Sabrina has some pictures and I will post them when I get them.

Elkhorn Creek Report

Sabrina and I went turkey hunting this morning. After seeing nothing we decided to give Elkhorn a try. We put in at Canoe Ky. and floated to the 127 bridge.  The water was up a little the flow was 274 cfs.  The water was super clear and the water temperature was 72 degrees. To be honest fishing was tough. There is a lot of moss on the bottom of the creek.  Our crankbaits and bottom lures were just covered with moss about every cast.  We changes to mini Flukes and started catching some fish.  The fish were right on the bank, mostly near tree roots with some current. The good news was we didn’t catch many dinks. Most of the fish we caught were between 10 and 14 inches. Sabrina lost a lot more fish than she boated. I loss some but nothing like she did. We finished the day with Sabrina boating 13 and I boated 24. With a cold front coming in tonight I bet the fishing is going to be even tougher. Till the next post hope to see you on the water,


Ps Don’t forget my fishing class Saturday the 29th at Fryman’s. There is a chance of rain but should be in the 80s. They have a large covered pouch so we should all stay dry.

Elkhorn Creek Report

I went down to Elkhorn Creek today. I didn’t get there till about noon. I put in at Knight’s Bridge. Talk about tough conditions. Blue Bird skies and the creek was only flowing at 80 cfs. I loss count of all the rapids, correction riffles I had to get out and pull my yak over. The water was also super clear. I used a mini Fluke because it was so shallow. I will say that I didn’t know that I could hook flat rocks. I got hung up so many times that I was getting upset. The fish were biting but not good. Most of the fish I caught were dinks. I may have boated 8 or 10 that were longer than 10 inches. My biggest was only about 13 inches. The fish were in shallow eddies above, in or below riffles. Besides getting hung up I missed a lot of fish. It may have been that they were so small I couldn’t get a hook set. This will be my last float till we get some water back in the creek. It took me over 7 hours to  make the float. I finished the day with only 37 all smallies. I did catch some big redeyes too. Till the next post hope to see you on the water.

Elkhorn Fishing report

0902161315a0902161219aAt the last minute this morning I decided to go to Elkhorn Creek. I thought fishing would be a little difficult with the cold front that just came thru, but it was just too pretty not to try. I put in at Canoe Ky and I was going to fish to the 127 take out. I had fished about 200 yards and had caught 3 fish when my phone rang. To be honest I very seldom answer my phone when I am fishing or hunting. I thought it maybe my wife so I answered it. It was Aaron wanting to know what I was doing. I told him fishing he asked where and I told him. He stated that he was calling me to see if they could go fishing. I had them meet me at the 1262 bridge. To be honest fishing was tough. The good news was when you did get a bite they hit hard and we loss very few fish for a change. It was a little weird we caught either small fish or big fish. The good news is we caught a lot more big fish than little ones. Sabina we believe caught her largest Smallmouth to date. It was a beauty. over 17 inches. The only negative was is didn’t have much of a belly. I caught a lot of 12 to 15 inch fish and poor Aaron I believe only caught a couple of large fish. They failed to see me in a very fun moment. I was fishing behind the Hatchery when something big hit. I was trying to reel in when it finally came airborne. It was a 3 to 4 lbs Gar. The next thing I know is it jumps in the kayak with me. You should have seem me about to abandon ship. With their thousands of small sharp teeth and a cranbait with 2 treble hooks flopping around everywhere. To say it got interesting for a few is a understatement. To be honest I don’t care much for them, they are very slimy and they stink. We finished the day with only 42 fish. Most were caught on a 2 to 3 inch shiny stickbait. Sabrina caught her big fish on a Fluke beside a log. I hope to have a couple of pictures of fish with this report. Till the next post hope to see you on the water.

South Elkhorn Report

Just got home from a float down South Elkhorn. Arron, Sabrina and I decided to give the creek a try.  To be honest I wasn’t sure we would be able to fish it. The water was running at 173 cfs which is quit high for the creek. It was also pretty muddy from all the rain in Lexington. We put in at the 341 bridge. Sabrina made a couple of cast while Arron and I launched. She was able to boat a couple of fish waiting on us. I won’t say the fishing was great, but it was better than I thought it would be. We started with our usual stickbaits and  were catching a few fish. I decided to try a buzzbait due to the cloud cover. I only had two hits. I did hook I’m sure the biggest Smallie I have ever hooked in South Elkhorn It was a good 18 incher or bigger. Like all big fish it was able to pull off. We switched to deeper driving crankbaits and the bite improved. The fish were in the deeper pools with big rock around. We didn’t catch any in the rapids and riffles. We did catch a few in the eddies just above or below the riffles. The nice thing was we didn’t have to get out with the flow, it made the float very enjoyable. It seemed we only caught 2 sizes of fish dinks or 10 to 14 inchers. We lost a lot of fish. The water was clearing , but the flow was still at 141 cfs when we left a little while ago. We finished the day with only 109 and they were all Smallmouth’s. Not a great day but worth the trip. We did catch some big Redeyes too. Till the next post hope to see you on the water.