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Stoner Creek

BOY was it hot. David and I  got on the water  at about 10am. The bad news was David had to be off the water by 4pm he had to go to work.  To say this was a frustrating day would be a understatement. It was already very warm when we started.. The water was up about 6 inches with good current and the water was a little dingy. We started with buzzbaits. I was able to boat 5 fish, David had some hits, but no hookups. We changed to crankbaits. David went to a bait that would dive down to about 4 feet. I went to a stickbait that would dive to a couple of feet. We will never know how many fish we missed. For some reason we had a hard time keeping them hooked. When we got to deeper water David started using a Creature bait and I started using a Zoom Craw.  The fish were shallow in heavy cover. I hooked and loss 5 of the biggest fish I have ever hooked in Stoner. I had 2 break 17#  Silver Thread. The first one I hooked was so big I couldn’t get it to come up. I guess I had my drag too tight and it broke off. We saw the other 4 because I was able to get them to the surface. All were 3#s or bigger. For a creek those are big fish. By the way if some time around 2pm you may have thought you heard thunder. It wasn’t, it was me venting because you will never know how many fish I missed on a craw. I could not keep a hook in them. I feel sorry for David I about beat him to death with my rod. I lost count of how many times I hit him in the head. I would lose a fish or set a hook so hard that I would hit David with my rod.  We have each hit each other a few times over the years in my Creek boat, but nothing like I did today. It was super hot because there wasn’t any air moving. The only saving grace was there was plenty of shade and I kept us in it as much as possible. The biggest fish we boated was only a couple of pounds. David finished the day with only 10 bass and I finished with 31 but most were small. The fish are hitting and if you can get a hook in them you should have a great day. Till the next post hope to see you on the water.

PS A reminder I have a fishing class this coming Saturday at Canoe Ky. It is Kayak fishing 101. It is scheduled to start at 1pm and run to 4pm. Depending on the flow and weather you may be able to put in and fish a couple of miles down to the Ky Fish Hatchery. If you want to try a kayak this will be the perfect time. Hope to see you there.


Fishing Class

If you want to learn some of my secrets to catching Bass. I have been asked to put on a Bass fishing class at Canoe Kentucky. The Date is June 23 at 1pm. I will be discussing how I pick lures, the equipment I use and how I locate fish. With over 50 years of Bass fishing I have tried everything. I will show you what works best for me. I will give more details after they are worked out. Just wanted you to mark your calendars.

Cedar Creek Lake

I went down to Cedar Creek this afternoon. It was a terrible and a dink kind of day. The fishing was hard. The thing that irritated me was I could see some nice fish, but I could not get them to bite. They were very spooky. Most of the few fish I caught were dinks. I did catch a few fish in the 13 to 14 inch range that kept me interested. I tried about everything I could think of. I threw top water, not a single hit. I tried flukes . I did get a few hits, but never boated a fish. I tried deep crankbaits, I caught one fish. I even tried worms, nothing would hit. The only bait I could get hits and catch fish on was a silver and black stickbait. A lot of the fish I caught were hooked on the outside of the mouth. This tells me that they were just slapping at the bait. The one thing that may have caused a problem is that the lake has warmed up a lot in the last couple of days. The main lake was 65-67 degrees. and the creeks were a little cooler at 64-65 degrees. This sudden warm up may be like a cold front and the fish may be transitioning. I finished the day with only 11 bass. I hope to go again tomorrow. I hope things improve.0501181510

Facebook Page

I must warn everyone I’m not very good on a computer. (much better fisherman) My nephew and I have started a Facebook page Central Kentucky Bass Fishing. It is so everyone can post pictures and ask questions. It is open to everyone. We just wanted a better way of hearing from you. I will still be writing my fishing reports here. We hope everyone will enjoy the page.

Fishing Classes

Here is a couple of fishing classes I will be teaching.
First will be Kayak fishing 101 on April 21 starting at 1pm till 3pm. It will be held at Canoe Kentucky at 7323 Peaks Mill Rd Frankfort Ky. It is a 30 minute drive from Lexington. I will be discussing Kayaks and how I fish from them. I will also discuss fishing equipment and patterns I use on Elkhorn Creek.
Second I will have a class on Bass fishing in Central Kentucky. It will be at Fryman’s Boat Dock 860 Spears Mill Rd Paris Kentucky. I will be discussing the different types of fishing equipment. Knots, Lures. Fishing lines, rods. Lure presentation Boat positioning and much more. This will be on May the 5th at 10 am to 12pm. If you plan to attend please call and reserve a spot for both events. This is to help know how many people to expect. Hope to see you there.
Now if the weather would improve I would love to get some fishing in. If you are bored go to Youtube and type in Tommy Puckett. I have several video’s of me fishing Elkhorn and Stoner Creeks.

Stoner Creek

I had my fishing class this morning. We had a good turn out and I believe everyone went away with some new ideas and understanding of bass fishing. After the class David, Aaron, Sabrina and I hit


Stoner to prove we could catch some fish. I will say we had some good success. The water was up a little with some current. The water was a little on the dingy side.  To be honest we caught fish on every thing we tried. We caught them on buzzbaits, craws, deep crankbaits and shallow stickbaits. We didn’t have super numbers, but we caught some great size fish. Our biggest was 3.5 lbs which David caught on a buzzbait. As a group we boated over a hundred Bass. Sabrina and I  boated 27 bass each and I know that half or better were 12 inches or bigger. We had several in the 2.5 lb class with only 6 dinks. I believe David and Aaron did about the same. The pattern was they were on every thing rocks, wood and even in the middle of the creek. The unusual thing was the largemouths seemed to be in the current and the smallmouths were in the calm water. David and I ran into the same pattern one time last year. We only fished for about 5 hours, but we all had a great time. The fish are biting good so give them a try. Till the next post hope to see you on the water.

Elkhorn Creek Report

Sabrina and I went turkey hunting this morning. After seeing nothing we decided to give Elkhorn a try. We put in at Canoe Ky. and floated to the 127 bridge.  The water was up a little the flow was 274 cfs.  The water was super clear and the water temperature was 72 degrees. To be honest fishing was tough. There is a lot of moss on the bottom of the creek.  Our crankbaits and bottom lures were just covered with moss about every cast.  We changes to mini Flukes and started catching some fish.  The fish were right on the bank, mostly near tree roots with some current. The good news was we didn’t catch many dinks. Most of the fish we caught were between 10 and 14 inches. Sabrina lost a lot more fish than she boated. I loss some but nothing like she did. We finished the day with Sabrina boating 13 and I boated 24. With a cold front coming in tonight I bet the fishing is going to be even tougher. Till the next post hope to see you on the water,


Ps Don’t forget my fishing class Saturday the 29th at Fryman’s. There is a chance of rain but should be in the 80s. They have a large covered pouch so we should all stay dry.