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Hi my name is Tommy Puckett. I live in Lexington, Ky and I am a retired Police Officer. I love the outdoors. As a child I was raised on a farm and I was hunting or fishing every chance I got. I started fishing like most people, fishing farm ponds and creeks. When I got older I graduated to large Lakes and Rivers. I’m now back to the smaller waters, but I will fish the large waters occasionally. I mainly fish Elkhorn Creek, Stoner Creek and Taylorsville Lake.  I do at times fish other central Kentucky lakes and out of state rivers and lakes. I usually fish Lake St Clair and the New River a couple of times each year. In the fall my fishing takes a back seat to my love of hunting. I got to know Nathan and Allison of Canoe Kentucky several years ago. They talked me into giving fishing reports on their blog. I will admit that my writing skills are limited so please bare with me. I don’t claim to be a Pro but I do catch a lot of fish.  I have never fished a tournament. I just like to catch fish.   I hope my reports can be of some help or give you some direction,  if nothing else let you know the fish are biting.


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  1. Hello, Tommy,
    Can I get your opinion on where the best place to go canoeing,fishing/camping in Central Ky or WV that’s unguided but where we can rent and have somebody pick us up? What about Rockcastle or the New River?

    • What a question. Other than Canoe Kentucky I don’t know of any shuttle services in the area. If I were going to rent and float a River I would float the New River,but not in West Virginia. I would float the New in Virginia. The water is calmer and slower moving. Last winter the wife and I took a trip to Virginia to check on shuttle services. I am planning a float trip of my own. There are quit a few. There are several camp grounds in the area. The fishing is suppose to be as good as West Virginia. A couple I checked out was Tangent Outfitters and New River Outdoor Co.They both have websites. I liked Tangent alittle better. If you have your own Kayak or canoe they will launch you and drive your vehicle to the takeout point and park it. The reason I like Virginia over West Virginia is the New in West Virginia has allot of class 3 and 4 rapids. They are fun but more than likely you will lose most of your fishing equipment if you are in a canoe or kayak. When I fish the New it is in dorys. Hope this helps and if you have more questions just ask.

    • Greg I just heard that there maybe a shuttle service with rentals in the Greensburg Ky area. It would be on the Green River. I am going to try to drive down this week and check it out. Also the trip to Virginia is only about an other 1.5 hour drive from Beckley. It is just across the state line in Virginia.

  2. If you take two cars you can park at the forks of elkhorn for $2 and Stillwater campground for $3. Its 19.1 miles of kayaking and fishing. My friend and I did it in 12 hours and is not for the light hearted or anyone who cant physically handle it.

  3. Just purcahsed a Wilderness Systems Ride 115 Addvance ….pick it up on Tuesday March 5th. Can’t wait to get started. I live in Georgetown in Canewood on the banks of North Elkhorn.

  4. You should have allot of fun. I love to fish Elkhorn from my yak. Hope to see you on the water.

  5. Greg, I’m new to the Frankfort area and just retired. My wife and I are looking for places along the Elkhorn to fish from the bank. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. We are just starting to fish and not knowing the area very well is a problem. Thanks, Don

    • By the way the name is Tommy. There’s allot of places to fish. If you will go to the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife site. Click on the fishing drop down tab. About 4 topics down will give you all the public access areas to fish. I know there are 3 public areas on Elkhorn off Ky 1262. I hope I’m right about the road number. Good luck. I hope to fish Elkhorn on Wedesday.

  6. Hello,
    Saw some of your discussion on the New River. Definitely fish the VA. stretch below Claytor Lake over any WVA. stretch. Much better habitat and fishing than in the Gorge area. However, I would stay away from Tangent outfitters. They are the high volume, push them down the river type outfitter. Their shuttle service may be ok because of their high volume.
    But, New River Outdoor Center are the true fishermen of the New. Britt & Leigh run one of the best outfitters anywhere. I would suggest using their guide service if you want to catch some nice fish. You’ll catch some fish on your own. But, nothing like the fish they’ll put you on. Trust me.
    Those miles of the New are some of the best anywhere in the country for big smallies and muskies. And it’s gorgeous. Just my $.02.
    Take Care,

    • Todd

      Thanks for the information. Last summer my wife and I spent a couple of days in Va. checking out the fishing and shuttle services on the New River. I agree with you about the outfitters. I am trying to make some plans to fish the New in Va. later this Summer. I have been fishing the New River in W. Va. with New River Outfitters for years. It is hard to believe that the fishing could be better. I have become good friends with the Owner Dewaun. I have a trip for next weekend. My best trip so far was I boated 171 smallmouths in 2 day of fishing. I have caught several 4 lb 6 oz fish, for some reason I can’t boat any bigger ones, they keep getting off. I also must say I enjoy running the rapids. Dewaun has a first class outfitting service. He is also a great cook. I will say that I have been screwed by several so called guides or outfitters in the past, but Dewaun treats me so good it is hard to change. If you want a different change of scenery give Dewaun a call. Thanks again for the tip on Britt and Leigh, I’ll be sure to use them.


  7. I guided whitewater trips on the gorge for many years. But, never fished that much. Stupid. The New has fish everywhere.
    Britt has put us on many citation smallies over the years. I’ve yet to reach the 5lb. wall of fame myself. Pretty close though. If you fly fish, the mid-summer topwater bug bite is something to behold. The Va. stretches don’t have the bigger rapids but its personality is amazing. Every section is so different and unique. You’ll love it. Definitely give Britt a try. You won’t be sorry. Tell him Todd from Cincinnati recommended him. He’ll get a kick out of it. They are top notch folks and run a great company.
    Maybe we can get together sometime and float/fish the Elkhorn. I’ve only had the chance a couple of times and I loved it. I see your a Native guy too. I just got a new Ultimate 12. Very nice boat. My buddy just got a Slayer. Another very nice boat.
    Take Care,

  8. Tommy,

    I keep reading about your trips to Lake St. Clair. My wife and I are looking for some place to go for a short getaway this summer and both of us love to catch smallmouth. Tell me more about Lake St. Clair. Where do you stay? Should I take my aluminum bass boat? What area of the lake should I be fishing in mid to late July? Thanks for the help.

  9. Have not been on Elkhorn for 3 years. I have spent a lot of time there.

  10. Welcome back to town, Tommy. It’s good to see your reports again. I haven’t made it down to Elkorn Creek yet this year, but I have been down to the KY River twice. I was wondering if you have an email address that I could have to show you some maps I made of an area we fished. I’d really like to get your feedback on two spots we fished since you know these waters so well. Thanks!
    -House (Cincinnati, Ohio)

  11. hi,

    I’m looking for a place near lex where I can harvest some duckweed to feed my tilapia. ideally, I don’t want to get shot, so I guess a park pond or something like that would be best. I haven’t been to Jacobson lately – had a lot of hair algae last time I was there. have noticed anyplace which may need some harvested?


    btw, nice blog!

  12. Michael Daugherty

    I paddled Elkhorn over a decade ago with the boy scouts, but never did any fishing when I went. I’m eager to try the stream out and test my luck out. I coming from La Grange so its pretty much gonna be a day trip for me, so I want it to be as productive as possible. My question for you from your experience fishing the Elkhorn, which would be the best area to fish along the stream? Would it be best to fish the north or south fork?


    • Michael

      It’s funny I just got home from my first trip on the Elkhorn this year. I haven’t even written a post about the trip yet. You ask a number of questions and I will answer them the best I can. First would be what day of the week you would be fishing. The North, South or Main Elkhorn are great during the week. If you are fishing on the weekend I would stay away from the Main Elkhorn. To many paddlers. The second question would be are you going to have two vehicles. one to put in and one to take out. If you have two vehicles the North and Main Elkhorn have better places to put in or take out. I think the South fork has the best fishing but you are very limited for put ins and take outs. I’m lucky because I have made friend with several farmers that let me use their land as a ramp. Third question is do you have your own canoe or yak. If you go during the week I would fish the Main Elkhorn. Canoe Kentucky provide shuttles for $20. They have the Main Elkhorn broken down in 3 six mile paddles. That way all you have to do is leave your vehicle at the take out. That is what I did today. Knight Bridge to their store is a 6 mile paddle. If you want to talk further just give me a call 859 266 0745 I will be home most of the weekend. Monday I am leaving for another trip to Canada for a week.

  13. Glad to find this site! Have looked for info on the creek several times and it’s hard to come by it seems.

    I’m hopefully purchasing my first Kayak this weekend and hope to be out on the Elkhorn soon. Problem for me is most times I am going to be by myself or with others who cannot drive just yet. So we will need to be dropped off, which is not a problem with American Whitewater put in. However, I am trying to find the best take out to park at? Would Stillwater be my best option just paying the $3 fee? or are there other options?

    Also, I know you don’t want to give away too many secret fishing tips 🙂 But what do you suggest bait wise for smallmouth fishing on the Elkhorn. The Rock bass are fun to catch on light tackle too!

    • Just saw your comment. If I were you I would put in at the American Whitewater put in and take out at the intersection of Peaks Mill Rd and Sullivan Lane. There is a state owned launch ramp for small boats, canoe’s and yaks. There should be plenty of parking. This is located about a half mile west of Canoe Ky right beside the Sullivan Ln bridge. It free. The paddle to Stillwater is just to long of a paddle to do in one day. You can put in at Sullivan Ln Bridge and if the county has the gate open you can take out just past the 127 Bridge. The county just put a damn gate up for some reason. They are talking about making a small park at that location. As far as baits go I like mini Flukes and very shallow crankbaits and I mean shallow due to moss on the bottom of the creek. If it’s cloudy or there is a lot of shade you may want to try top water. Hope this helps.

  14. Michael Daugherty

    I messaged you before on here and have yet to make the trip. All of this rain we got really postponed what I had originally planned. I’m hoping in the coming week to finally making the trip and testing my luck. So far the plan is to put in at the Fishers Mill bridge, since it seems like the south fork is the most productive. My main focus is to catch the Smallmouth that the Elkhorn is known for, but I would also like to catch some cats as well. Its always nice to have fish to bring home and clean. I don’t know if you have caught many cats in the Elkhorn or not, but do you know if the south fork is a good place to catch them? Any tips or info would be appreciated. Thanks

  15. Sorry I don’t fish for catfish. To be honest I would doubt there are many catfish in the South Elkhorn. There are few deep holes. There are few rapids so there are not many deep holes. No wash outs. The deepest is about waist deep. I do know they catch some decent cats on the main Elkhorn and I have caught a few on crankbaits. The water is much deeper, larger rapids. The South Fork has a lot of redeyes which are great eating. I am in Florida now fishing mainly for snook. Talk about fun. I will be back in Lexington next week hope the water is fishable by then. We have had over 6 inches of rain in the last 24 hours here, but it doesn’t hurt the fishing due to sand and tides. Hope this helps.

  16. heading to Stillwater camp group on August 21st to do some canoeing and fishing. Will definitely fish Elkhorn , but what do you suggest about Kentucky River? What bait works best?

    • That is a good question. The River is still up some and still pretty muddy. I like to fish any kind of point if I can. This can be as small as a ditch that runs into the river or a slide. If the River is muddy see if you can find clear water like a creek running in or a ditch with clear water. If all else fails go to a Texas rig (my favorite color is Shad which you should be able to tell from my post) and fish the timber in the water especially if there is a little current. Hope this helps.

  17. I really enjoy reading your blog. I live down in Bowling Green and fish the rivers and creeks around here which are really good but never catch the numbers you do up on the Elkhorn. I made my first trip up to the Elkhorn last week and fished about a 2.5 mile section above Knights Bridge down to the bridge. I only had a few hours of daylight after my training in Frankfort so I couldn’t make a full run that I would have liked to. The water was very low and clear but the fish just simply didn’t bite the same lures I have success with on my local rivers. I caught 5 SM and my buddy caught 12 with most being under 10″. I was wondering what baits and colors you typically use on the Elkhorn My email address is erickdk@topper.wku.edu if you don’t want to broadcast your favorites but I would like some help so the next time I come up there I can have some success. If you’re ever down in this area holler and lets go catch some fish.

  18. Hey Tommy,

    My name is Lee Preston and I am longtime follower of your blog. I’m 23 years old and a graduate student at the University of Kentucky. Over the past 4-5 years I have fallen in love with fishing. I fish Elkhorn all the time and that’s how I initially found your blog; looking for fishing reports a couple years ago. Just wanted to say that’s love reading your posts and that I hope you keep it up! If you ever need a fishing partner, I am always looking for someone to go with and learn from. I have a john boat that if made into a “bass” boat that I use for lakes, and a kayak that I fish small water with. Fishing is my absolutely favorite thing to do and if I ever have free time that’s what I am doing. I think I might be going to fish Cedar Creek Lake this weekend for the first time and if you have any tips for me, they would be much appreciated. The first time I ever heard about Cedar Creek Lake was from reading your posts. Just wanted you send you a message and let you know that I appreciate what you do and share your love of fishing.

    Keep up the good work,

    Lee Preston

    • Lee

      Can’t help you much for Cedar Creek right now. I mainly fish Cedar creek in the Spring. Cedar creek has a lot of vegetation in it this time of year. That being said if I were going, the weather forecast is for clouds and rain. I would start by throwing a frog on top of the weeds. If the sun comes out look for shaded banks. I believe were cedar creek comes into the lake, that bank is usually shady in the afternoon. If that fails try a crankbait on main lake points. Shad or bluegill color. Use one that will run about 8 feet deep. Plan to get it hung up. Take a plug knocker or a plug pole with you. I would try to bounce the bait off of wood. Like I said plan to get hung up some, but there is a good chance you will get hung up in a big fish. Last resort use some plastics, 6 inch worms or bigger. I just have not done well with plastics on Cedar Creek. Hope this helps. I may run down to Taylorsville tomorrow if I can catch up on my honey do list today.

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