South Elkhorn Fishing Report

Sabrina, Aaron and I decided to give South Elkhorn a try. We put in at about 9:30 am. The flow was low at about 45 cfs. I knew we were going to rub a few rocks at that flow. The fishing started slow. Although the first fish I caught was a 14 incher. With the cloud cover we had to cover a lot of water. The first fish we caught were mainly on wood.   We mainly caught two sizes of fish Very, very small or 10 to 14 inchers. When I say small I’m describing fish that were just a little bigger than the lures they were caught on.  The bite changed about the time it started to rain which was about 11:00. The fish were on chunk rock with some current. Of course none of us had rain gear. When I left this morning the weatherman was saying that it wouldn’t rain till this evening. The lying so and so. We continued to fish till I finally checked the radar and saw the heavy rain headed our way. We quit fishing around 3:30 and started paddling  to try to beat the rain. Guess what we didn’t. We all got soaked. We were about 2.5 miles from the take out when the heavy rain hit. We finished the day with the following numbers. Aaron had 19, Sabrina had 36 and I had 52. A total of over a hundred fish. Not a great day but decent. If it hadn’t started raining hard I believe we could have had a much better day, because the bite was improving later in the day. Till the next  post hope to see you on the water.




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