Private Lake Fishing

I had 3 cousin N laws( John Toby and Bill) that wanted me to take them fishing. They didn’t have a lot of time. I decided to play guide and took them to the private lake. 4 people in a boat is very interesting. The good news was there was very little blood loss and I didn’t have to  show how good I am at removing hooks from body parts. It was hotter than I thought it would be with the humidity. On the water we had a good breeze, that made boat control fun. With the cloud cover I had hoped for a better topwater bite. The fish were shallow we didn’t catch a fish over 3 foot deep. I did catch some nice fish on a buzzbait. The great lure God did receive a number of lures. We only fished about 4 hours and we boated 50 bass and a number of Bluegill. Toby boated the biggest fish that went about 3 lbs. It got to be interesting trying to control the boat, tie on lures, get knots out of lines and retrieve lures out of trees or hung on something on the lake bottom. The best thing was everyone caught fish so I guess I earned my pay. Oh wait I didn’t get paid. I had fun and I believe everyone did too. Till the next post hope to see you on the water.20294427_10155404183920460_8461117768202090357_n



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