Stoner Creek

I know we all have one of those days we just should have stayed in bed. Today was one of those for me. I got up and decided to run down to Fryman’s. I wanted to fish Elkhorn but the flow is still higher than I like. Just as I was about to leave the phone rings. I normally don’t answer but I was waiting on a call from an Insurance agent. It was my sister-n-law crying because her vehicle needed a jump. I go and jump her car and I decide to check the gas in the boat. Guess what it was about empty. Now I have to stop and get gas. I am trying to hurry because the storms are coming. I finally get to Fryman’s and Lindsay ask me for advice on a couple of issues. I finally launch the boat and up the creek I go. I decide to go up Strode Creek  because there is less moss on the water. When I finally get close to where I usually start fishing there is a boat with 2 guys in it fishing.  I decide to go pass them and go further up the creek so as to not bother them. When I started pass they just stayed in the middle of the creek causing me to have to pass very close to them. I say something to them and no response. I say something else and one kind of grunts something back. The guy in the back of the boat never said anything and is smoking a cigarette. I very slowly motor pass and go a good 3 to 4 hundred yard before I turn the motor off. When I do I find the guy with the cigarette has flicked it into my boat and it has burned a hole in my new carpet. I now see RED.  I look back at them and here they come as fast as their trolling motor will go so they can pass me. When they start to pass I confront them about the burn. We get into a discussion and they kind of admit it was their cigarette.  They leave. I get my phone and call Lindsey to see if she has their information. Apparently they hear me and come back and apologize. They are suppose to call me to pay for the damage. I’m not going to hold my breath. I will probably have to take them to Small Claims Ct. Now to fishing I only caught 17 Bass 5 or 6 were keepers, several were dinks. It stared to thunder and rain. Being so upset I decided to call it a day. I caught my fish on a shallow blue and white stickbait. I hope by the next post I will  have calmed down till then hope to see you on the water.


ps Sorry for the venting.





3 responses to “Stoner Creek

  1. That “venting” is completely understandable!

    I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your reports! Wish I had more time to spend on the water! Would love to spend some time getting to know you personally and get more tips on catching fish here. Just started fishing again after a 10 year hiatus. Forgot how relaxing even a “bad day” of fishing can be.

    • I have calmed down now. Just keep following my post. I hope to have a few more Fishing Classes a little later. You can meet a B S er with a PHD. I give some of my secrets but never all of them. It all boils down to understanding the fish. The biggest problem I see is fisherman over think them. Remember their brain is only the size of a pea. I find that I catch a lot of fish by doing little thing, but I do them automatically. I also have a lot of confidence in myself. Those are things I can explain but you have to teach yourself and learn.

    • Always remember a BAD day fishing beats a good day at work. ALWAYS

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