Stoner Creek

I have been in Canada for a week  and haven’t posted anything. I’m not posting about our trip to Canada because we couldn’t find the fish I only boated 10 fish per day which is terrible. Yesterday Sabrina and I made a trip to Stoner Creek. The creek was dingy, you could only see down about a foot and it was up about 6 inches with decent current. After this cold front I thought we may have a difficult time. We started with shallow stickbaits and only caught a few fish. We went to a deeper diving crankbait and the bite improved . We were using silver or white in color. Sabrina changed to a deeper diving crankbait in yellow with lime green and she started to catch fish. It didn’t take me long to change to something that looked similar. After that we started to catch the fish. We had a great day. There really was no pattern, we caught fish on rock, wood and just in open water. I believe this was due to the cloud cover. We hooked and loss some big ones. My biggest was a 3.5 pounder and I loss I know 4-5 more that were that big. Sabrina’s biggest was just under 3 lbs. One very interesting note was late in the afternoon she hooked a nice fish and was fighting it . When she got it up to where we could see it we got a big surprise. She had a possible 2.5 lb largemouth on the front hook and a 1 lb smallmouth on the back hook. Unfortunately the Largemouth was able to get off before I could grab them. I did throw a buzzbait for some time and had 5 hits , but only was able to boat one fish, a 2 pounder. We finished the day boating 92 bass about a third were smallies. The creek will be clearing and the fish are biting, you need to get out. Till the next post hope to see you on the water.


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