Lake St Clair

I just got home from my first fishing trip to Lake St Clair. To say it was terrible would be an understatement. The weather was about perfect except for one major problem. THE WIND. We fished 3 out of the four days we had planned.  The wind was never less than 25 mph. The waves were 2 feet or better. Try to get a bassboat on plane out in that kind of chop. I felt at times that my kidneys were down around my ankles. There were times that it was just impossible to get on plane and we had to idle for miles. Last Thursday there were small craft warnings and wind gust to over 40 mph. We didn’t even try to go out. We fished sheltered coves but there were few fish to be found. To be honest even the coves had a lot of chop on them which made casting a real issue.  On Tuesday our first day I was able to boat 7

bass. On Wednesday it got real bad and I was only able to boat 3 fish. Our last day Friday we had a cold front that had just gone thru and it was 46 degrees with 25 mph wind. I thought I wore enough clothing under my coveralls. By the late afternoon I was freezing.  I will say that I finally started catching some fish. I finished the day with 17 bass. The size was great. My smallies fish was 2 lbs 10 ozs and my largest was 3 lbs 6 ozs. The guys with me in another boat caught several 4.5 lbers and their big fish was 5.5 lbs. I lost so many fish that I wish I had boated the one I loss over the ones I did boat. I would have had much better numbers. Most of our fish were caught on plastics. Flukes and grubs. On Friday  I started to get hits on Watermelon grubs only. I had some Lime Green dye so I started dying the tails lime green and seem to really improve my catch or hook rate. I think I’m going to rest a couple of days before my next trip. Till the next report hope to see you on the water. (with no wind)


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