Taylorsville Lake Fishing Report

0413171317I hate to tell you but the report isn’t good. I went down this afternoon. I mainly wanted to run my bassboat to make sure it was running OK. The good news is that it ran great. I plan to take it to Canada shortly and I have already had one problem with it several years ago. Back to the fishing report. The fish were very scattered. They are about halfway back in the creek arms to rear of the creeks. I caught all but one fish on a shad color crankbait, the one was caught on a fluke. Most of the fish I caught of lost were on rocks. That surprised me. The water around Van Buren is very dingy. By the time you get to Timber Creek its clear and I mean clear, you can see down about 4 feet. That’s very clear for Taylorsville. The main lake was 65 degrees and some of the creeks were up to 70. It seems that the fish are getting kind of spawny. I saw several on the rocks that looked like they were trying to nest. I couldn’t get any of them to hit any thing. I boated only 7 bass with 2 that were keepers and only one dink. There was a lot of heavy boat traffic mainly crappie fisherman. Till the next post hope to see you on the water.


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