Cedar Creek Fishing

Sabrina and I went down to Cedar Creek today. The water was a little high and dingy to muddy. We went to the back of the first creek and found some clear water The problem was that the water temp was 57 to 59 degrees. We could see fish but couldn’t get them to hit. More by accident I made a cast near a fish and just twitched it. Boom we now had a pattern. They weren’t hitting hard but we were catching fish.  We moved to a second creek and the water was dingy, but warmer. I started throwing a buzzbait. I made a cast over and beside some logs and boated a 3.1 lb bass. The funny thing was that was the only hit I had on the buzzbait. The later in the day the water got warmer and we were able to speed up our retrieve. The wind made things fun I don’t know how many times we ended up in trees or on the bank. We quit just before the bad storms hit. By the way we were the last boat on the lake. We finished the day with Sabrina boating 11 and I boated 20. Not great but still not a bad day.  With the storms and the cold weather for the next couple of days this should kill the bite. Till the next report hope to see you on the water.


2 responses to “Cedar Creek Fishing

  1. I’m heading there Sunday. Got any tips on where the bass are holding/lures you had success with?

    • First be sure to a have water temp gauge. Look for the warmest water in the creek arms. If you can find water a couple of degrees warmer that is the first thing I would look for. Second look for clear water if the arms are muddy or dingy. The muddy water will warm faster than the clear. I would start fishing where the warmest and clearest water meet. If it is sunny look for fish sunning near the surface. If you see fish near the surface I would throw a shallow running crankbait. White, silver or bluegill color. If that isn’t producing throw a fluke type bait near cover and let it sink. The water should be only in the high 50’s I would guess. Start with a SLOW retrieve as the water warms you can speed up. Third I wouldn’t even think about getting to the lake till 10-11 am. Let the water warm a little and fish late. I haven’t been getting there till around noon. There will be a bunch of boats leave about the time you would start. I hope this helps Lee.

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