Cedar Creek Lake

Sabrina and I decided to give Cedar Creek a try today. To be honest it was hard fishing. The water was dingy in the back of the creeks. The water temperature had dropped to 54 degrees. We were throwing crankbaits and flukes. We never had a hit on the flukes.  The sun finally came out around 1pm and things picked up a little.  The fish were very scattered.  To be honest we caught most of our fish in the middle of the channels and not relating to nothing. We had to just make a lot of fan cast and we would finally get a strike. One good thing was we didn’t lose but a few fish. We never found any big fish most were in the 11 to 14 inch range. The fish were very shallow. I don’t believe we caught a fish deeper than 3 feet.  We finished the day with Sabrina boating 4 bass and I only boated 14. It was still a great day to be out with a fishing buddy and enjoying the weather. Till the next post hope to see you on the water.


One response to “Cedar Creek Lake

  1. Parker Poindexter

    Hey Tommy Its Parker Poindexter. Great to see you’re back at it. Saw an email yesterday about your post. Starting to save up if Dad decides to treat Colby and I again.

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