Stoner Creek Fishing

I went down to Stoner Creek this afternoon. I put in at Frymans. The water wasn’t as low as I had expected it to be. To be honest it was some tough fishing. There are so many leaves on the water it’s hard to work any lure. The water was super clear, so I had to make long cast to keep from spooking the fish. I only used 2 lures. A 3 inch Zoom craw in  a light brown color and a 2 inch stickbait silver in color. I caught most of my fish on the stickbait where I could cast it. I had to use the craw where there was a mat of leaves. The good thing was when I did get a hit on the craw they just took off with it. It made setting the hook easy.  I never did locate any big fish. Most of the fish I caught were in the 10 to 12 inch range. Of the fish I caught it was about 50-50 between Smallies and Largemouths. If you decide to fish Frymans be careful. I have seen more logs out in the middle of both Stoner and Stodes creeks. I watched some yoyo go tearing into some big log after I yelled and warned him.  I don’t know if he damaged his motor. It sure didn’t sound good. I stopped in and talked to Lindsey. I have to say she has done wonders to the old barn. If your in the area you need to stop and check out the place. We discussed the fishing and if there is enough interest we may have a few fishing classes this coming Spring. If your interested keep an eye on their website and Facebook page. By the way I only boated 32 Bass. I guess that wasn’t too bad for the conditions and I only fished for 4 hours, Till the next post hope to see you on the water.


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