Stoner Creek Report

I fished Stoner Creek yesterday afternoon. Talk about tough conditions. The water temperature has dropped 20+ degrees in the last week. (temp was 66) and super clear. The deepest part of the creek where I was fishing was 6 feet and I could see rocks and logs on the bottom. Most of the fish were on wood, with the exception of fish in a riffle. I tried everything from the surface to the bottom. The strange thing was I caught fish on everything I tried. With the cloudy cover I was hoping for a topwater bite. I only boated 2 fish, one on a buzzbait and one on a bait like a Spook. I caught a few on a Craw in heavy cover. Most were caught on light color crankbaits. One ran a couple of feet deep, the other ran about 5 feet deep. Most of the fish I caught were dinks. I did hook several nice fish but most got off. My biggest couple of fish were in the 15 inch range. The great thing was we had enough rain to clean the leaves off the surface, which was nice. While I was trying to unhook a fish the line broke and I got a hook in a finger pass the barb. I have gotten very good at getting hooks out of me and most people. I do recommend that you carry a bottle of Peroxide with you. Use it on any fresh fish or hook wounds. I used it on the hook wound and today its not even sore. I finished the day with only 36 and as I said most were in the 8 to 10 inch range. I hope to have a video of this trip uploaded to Youtube shortly. I am thinking about going to Taylorsville Lake tomorrow or Wednesday. Till the next post hope to see you on the water.


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