Stoner Creek Report

David and I decided to give Stoner a try. It was a great but weird day. I fished a part of Stoner I have never seen or fished. It was between Paris and Fryman’s. The first strange thing was David caught most of his fish on a crankbait and I caught most of mine on a Watermelon plastic craw. They weren’t biting what I would say as good. David caught a lot of his fish just out in the middle of the creek, Most of mine I caught were near wood.  The fish in the picture below was caught out in the middle of the creek and it wasn’t near anything we could see and I can say that the water was very clear. We could see down a good 5 feet. As a footnote You would never believe what I had to say to get David to smile. He never smiles in a picture. They would hit so lite it was difficult to tell if you had a strike. They would hit my craws and you would lose the feel for the bait. I would just watch my line and it would start to slowly move in the wrong direction. I would sit the hook and have a fish. The fish were decent size. With very few dinks. Most were in the 10 to 12 inch size range. I did boat a couple of fish that were 2 to 2.5 lbs. There are a lot of leaves on the water which made thing interesting. There were areas that all we could use were frogs. We did have some hits, but never caught a fish on a frog. We also found out that the new battery in my small boat is bad. I will return it tomorrow for a new one. Thank goodness I thought something was wrong with it and took a spare with us. We finished the day with only 53 bass, we did catch a few smallies. I sure hope it rains enough to clean the leaves off the creeks. Till the next post hope to see you on the water.14494795_1277296148969323_5954257769369847860_n


One response to “Stoner Creek Report

  1. Great day!
    But it was a strange day!!

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