Stoner Creek/ Strodes Creek

I put in at Fryman’s at about noon. The water was up a little with some current. The water was very clear, You could see the bottom in 5 feet of water. I started fishing on Stoner near the mouth of Strodes Creek. I was able to catch a few on a worm around wood. I started up Strodes Creek and caught a few more on the left rock bank. I saw a few fish hitting the surface and changed to a buzzbait.  I was able to catch a couple on it. I changed to a small crankbait that ran to about 4 feet. It was gray in color  I started catching a lot of fish. When I got to water less than 2 feet I changed to a very shallow running stickbait. I must say I had a very good day. The fish were in the shade of over hanging trees. You could make a cast to some shallow water with shade and could watch a v wake coming toward my lure. The hard part was not to set the hook till you felt them. The worst part was the surface was covered in leaves. I was lucky to not hook a leaf once out of 3 cast. The good thing was if you hooked a small leave a fish would still hit the lure. I finished the day with 78 bass boated. The biggest surprise was that 2/3 of the fish were Smallmouths. The is the first time I have ever caught more Smallies than Largemouths on the creek. I didn’t catch any big fish, but I didn’t catch a lot of dinks either. Most of the fish I caught were between 10 and 13 inches. A lot of fun on a ultralight rod. The fish are biting so give them a try. Till the next post hope to see you on the water.


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