Elkhorn Creek Report

I went down to Elkhorn Creek today. I didn’t get there till about noon. I put in at Knight’s Bridge. Talk about tough conditions. Blue Bird skies and the creek was only flowing at 80 cfs. I loss count of all the rapids, correction riffles I had to get out and pull my yak over. The water was also super clear. I used a mini Fluke because it was so shallow. I will say that I didn’t know that I could hook flat rocks. I got hung up so many times that I was getting upset. The fish were biting but not good. Most of the fish I caught were dinks. I may have boated 8 or 10 that were longer than 10 inches. My biggest was only about 13 inches. The fish were in shallow eddies above, in or below riffles. Besides getting hung up I missed a lot of fish. It may have been that they were so small I couldn’t get a hook set. This will be my last float till we get some water back in the creek. It took me over 7 hours to  make the float. I finished the day with only 37 all smallies. I did catch some big redeyes too. Till the next post hope to see you on the water.


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