Elkhorn Fishing report

0902161315a0902161219aAt the last minute this morning I decided to go to Elkhorn Creek. I thought fishing would be a little difficult with the cold front that just came thru, but it was just too pretty not to try. I put in at Canoe Ky and I was going to fish to the 127 take out. I had fished about 200 yards and had caught 3 fish when my phone rang. To be honest I very seldom answer my phone when I am fishing or hunting. I thought it maybe my wife so I answered it. It was Aaron wanting to know what I was doing. I told him fishing he asked where and I told him. He stated that he was calling me to see if they could go fishing. I had them meet me at the 1262 bridge. To be honest fishing was tough. The good news was when you did get a bite they hit hard and we loss very few fish for a change. It was a little weird we caught either small fish or big fish. The good news is we caught a lot more big fish than little ones. Sabina we believe caught her largest Smallmouth to date. It was a beauty. over 17 inches. The only negative was is didn’t have much of a belly. I caught a lot of 12 to 15 inch fish and poor Aaron I believe only caught a couple of large fish. They failed to see me in a very fun moment. I was fishing behind the Hatchery when something big hit. I was trying to reel in when it finally came airborne. It was a 3 to 4 lbs Gar. The next thing I know is it jumps in the kayak with me. You should have seem me about to abandon ship. With their thousands of small sharp teeth and a cranbait with 2 treble hooks flopping around everywhere. To say it got interesting for a few is a understatement. To be honest I don’t care much for them, they are very slimy and they stink. We finished the day with only 42 fish. Most were caught on a 2 to 3 inch shiny stickbait. Sabrina caught her big fish on a Fluke beside a log. I hope to have a couple of pictures of fish with this report. Till the next post hope to see you on the water.


4 responses to “Elkhorn Fishing report

  1. I would have paid money to see you with that fish in the boat!!!

  2. I didn’t know I could still get my knees behind my ears.

  3. Hi I am new to the area, all I have read about fishing the elkhorn sounds great, but I don’t have a boat, and I would like to take my son fishing. Can you recommend any public access fishing sites on the banks?? Thanks for any help!! -john stokes

    • John
      There are plenty of places to access Elkhorn. Go to The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife website. Click on the fish tab. There will be a drop down tab. About 2/3 down there is a line that says Where to fish. Click on that. Find the Elkhorn Creek. Click on that and it should give you a bunch of access points to the creek. You may give some thought to going to Canoe Kentucky in Peaks Mill. You can rent a canoe I believe for $40.00. They will shuttle you up the creek about 6 miles you and your son can fish and float back to the Business. I am thinking about doing that float tomorrow.

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