New River West Virginia


Parker with a New River Smallie.

Fished 2 days over the weekend on the New River. To be honest the fishing was tough, but you can never have a bad trip on the New, The scenery is worth the trip and running the rapids is a blast. There were 6 of us that made the trip. Everyone had a great time. I have to give credit to Aaron and Sabrina, they kicked my butt again this year. Sabrina caught the most fish with her Zebco 33 and her Flukes. All of us had problems boating fish. I know I sure did. The fish were short striking and you would hook them and as you were reeling them in they would pull off. Parker who was in the boat with me count 12 fish I lost before I got one in. I would bet I loss some where between 150 to 200 fish, It became very frustrating for everyone. If you want a super trip give Dewaun Gilkerson a call at New River Outfitters. I promise you a great time. By the way I finished the trip with 66 Smallies. My biggest was 15 to 16 inches. Till the next post hope to see you on the water.


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