Taylorsville Lake Report

Just got back from Taylorsville Lake. Thank goodness for the wind. It was very hot and humid and the only reason I stayed was the wind helped keep me cool. Today was one of those days that let you know that there is still a lot to learn. I can’t say that the fish weren’t biting. I just couldn’t get them into the boat. I loss so many fish that it got to be a joke. They just weren’t hitting hard at all. They were around wood. I would crank over a log and slow down and I would suddenly feel pressure. I would set the hook and get them to the surface and the hooks would pull out. It got so bad that I changed to a newer bait, still the same. I even changed to bigger hooks on the crankbait, same thing. I even went to worm fishing and couldn’t keep them hooked. Just before I left I thought I would give the Hybreds a try. Same dang thing, I would hook them and they would pull off. I finally threw in the towel. I have been very lucky this year this was the first time I just couldn’t boat the fish. I finished the day with only 6 bass and about the same number of Hybreds. I guess you can say they are biting you just may not be able to get them in the boat. Till the next post hope to see you on the water.


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