South Elkhorn Report

Just got home from a float down South Elkhorn. Arron, Sabrina and I decided to give the creek a try.  To be honest I wasn’t sure we would be able to fish it. The water was running at 173 cfs which is quit high for the creek. It was also pretty muddy from all the rain in Lexington. We put in at the 341 bridge. Sabrina made a couple of cast while Arron and I launched. She was able to boat a couple of fish waiting on us. I won’t say the fishing was great, but it was better than I thought it would be. We started with our usual stickbaits and  were catching a few fish. I decided to try a buzzbait due to the cloud cover. I only had two hits. I did hook I’m sure the biggest Smallie I have ever hooked in South Elkhorn It was a good 18 incher or bigger. Like all big fish it was able to pull off. We switched to deeper driving crankbaits and the bite improved. The fish were in the deeper pools with big rock around. We didn’t catch any in the rapids and riffles. We did catch a few in the eddies just above or below the riffles. The nice thing was we didn’t have to get out with the flow, it made the float very enjoyable. It seemed we only caught 2 sizes of fish dinks or 10 to 14 inchers. We lost a lot of fish. The water was clearing , but the flow was still at 141 cfs when we left a little while ago. We finished the day with only 109 and they were all Smallmouth’s. Not a great day but worth the trip. We did catch some big Redeyes too. Till the next post hope to see you on the water.


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