South Elkhorn Report

Russ and I decided to give South Elkhorn a try yesterday. He had never fished from a kayak. When we got to the creek it was running at 139 cfs. The surprise was it was pretty muddy. We were committed so we put in at the 341 bridge. Fishing started slow. We were using white with black back stickbaits. With the overcast I had hope the fish would be hitting topwater, but we saw very little topwater activity. The creek level was dropping fast, by the time we left it was down to 79 cfs. I won’t say it was a great day, but the fish were hitting enough to keep things interesting. With the swift current the fish were not around the riffles. they were in a couple of feet of water with large chunk rock or in eddies, below the riffles. The good thing was the fish were nice size for the most part, Russ caught a couple of 15+ fish. I caught one that was over 16 inches and had another that was bigger up to the boat and when I went to use my boca’s the hook pulled out. The longer we were on the water the water was clearing and the bite improved. It was nice that the water was up enough that we made it thru most of the riffles with out getting struck on the rocks too bad. Russ had to get out a couple of time to get over a few rock, in all I believe he did  great for his first time kayak fishing. I do wish he had caught a few more fish. We lost a lot of fish they would just go nuts when you hooked them. Russ finished the day with 26 bass and I boated 75. a total of 101 was better than I thought at first due to the conditions. A surprise was we caught more largemouths than I have every on a trip on this section, I believe we boated 6.  Most of the fish were in the 9 to 13 inch range which made things fun. I really enjoy spending time with Russ, he’s like part of my family since I have known him since he was born. I knew his father for something like 60 plus years. looking forward to our next trip. The fish are biting, but not great. Till the next post hope to see you on the water.


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