Elkhorn Creek Report

I fished the main Elkhorn today. I fished from Canoe Ky to the 127 bridge. This was the first time I have fished this section this year. The water was a little dingy, the flow was 149 cfs. I started catching nice size Smallies about 100 feet down from the shop. They weren’t biting great, but the ones that did were nice size. Most were in the 10 to 14 inch range. I did boat one pig that was over 16 inches. They seemed to turn off at around 2:30 pm for some reason. I was using a silver and black back stick bait. It would only run a couple of feet deep. They were near swift water in eddies mostly. I did catch a few dinks on the upper and lower sides of a riffle. I finished the day with only 36. This may have been a trip were I caught my best total number of big fish. The only problem with fishing this section is due to all the island I had to get out a couple of times and pull my yak across the riffles. To be honest it felt good to get a little wet and to stretch. Till the next trip hope to see you on the water.


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