Taylorsville Lake Report

To be honest I hadn’t plan on doing a report on Taylorsville Lake. I went to the lake to try out my bass boat to see if the repairs had corrected the problem. Let me explain. In 2010 I purchased a new Bass Boat. It was a present to myself for my retirement. My last 2 boats had a Yamaha outboard on them and I had never had a problem with them . I wanted a Yamaha for my new boat guess what. For some reason they stopped making¬† a short shaft 200 hp outboard. I was talked into purchasing a 200 hp Evenrude Etec. For the first couple of years it performed great. While at Lake St Clair in 2013 it started missing bad. I was able to get a Evenrude mechanic to come in early at a dealer in Canada to look at it. It had a bad fuel injector. They didn’t have a replacement , but was able to get it working. When I got back home it developed a intermittent miss. I took it to dealers and they couldn’t find it. This problem persisted for 2 years. I had to pay every thing out of my pocket. I finally left it with a dealer for 5 months over the winter of 2015 and they finally found another bad fuel injector. This spring while at Lake St Clair guess what it started missing. Another bad fuel injector. The engine has less than 300 hours and it just went out of warranty. So far I have spent over $1000.00 on a new engine. So what I am tell you is DON’T EVER BUY A EVENRUDE. Back to fishing I ran the boat most of the time at the lake. I finally started fishing my normal creeks. What I found was the bass where back in the creeks scattered and on wood. I was using a shad color crankbait. They were in about 5 feet of water. I was very surprised that the lake was very clear. With all the rain I would have thought it would have been dingy. I boated 21 bass they were all in the 12 to 13 inch range and only loss 2 more. I did boat several Drum and Hybreds also. I hope to get back down there later in the week weather permitting. Till the next post hope to see you on the water.


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