South Elkhorn Report

My Nephew David and I floated South Elkhorn today. The water was very dingy at the start and running at over 130 cfs. By the end of the day the water was clearing and the flow was down to 90 cfs. The fish were biting but not nearly as well as last Sunday, But we end the day with about the same numbers. Last Sunday the fish were hitting like crazy. We loss about as many fish as we boated. Today we had a lot less bites, but we didn’t loss maybe 20 fish all day. We caught only two sizes of fish very small  dinks or 10 to 14 inch fish. The last two times I’ve fished South Elkhorn I haven’t caught many fish in the 5 to 9 inch class. It was still a fun day. This was only David’s second time to fish from a kayak. The second thing is David very seldom uses spinning rods. He uses baitcasters for about everything. He found out last time he couldn’t cast small 1/8 oz crankbaits with a baitcaster. It was fun to watch him fishing the trees a few times. As I told him I have never seen a fish jump 6 to 8 feet up into a tree, but I would love to see it happen. We had to use bright shiny crankbaits due to the dingy water. The fish were very shallow on rocks or wood. If there were no rocks or a sandy bottom it was a waste of time to fish the area. We finished the day with 117. All but 4 were Smallmouths. I did catch a bunch of Rockbass too. Till the next post hope to see you on the water.


3 responses to “South Elkhorn Report

  1. I think you tried to catch a fish or two in trees as well! Lol
    It was another great day on the water. I do need more practice with spinning reels and kayak fishing. Also big shout out to Tommy for wading the water to save my lure. I owe you one!!

  2. I really enjoy reading your reports, my father and I fish Elkorn, we usually dock in Georgetown by the Arby’s, but don’t have near the success you do! I hope to see you out there sometime and discuss strategies….

    • I don’t have a lot of luck in your area. The water is to slow for Smallies. I usually catch more largemouths in the water behind the dams. If I want to catch numbers I have to fish from Switzer Bridge down to the forks. The only problem is that is a all day float and I mean 10 to 12 hours usually.

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