South Elkhorn Creek Report

I have a buddy who recently retired from the Police department. we have been trying to get together for a fishing trip. I floated Elkhorn yesterday and it was running near 600 cfs and very muddy. When I drove home I crossed South Elkhorn. It looked a little dingy but fishable. Dean has never fished from a kayak, so I checked the flow and gave him a call this morning. He was ready to go in about a half an hour. As soon as we put in I caught 4 smallies and had a big fish break me off. The first couple of miles we were catching fish at a decent rate. When we finally got into water that was about 2 feet deep with a lot of rock and swift current things improved. A few log near the rocks made thing even better. We caught all of our fish on shallow running crankbaits. It didn’t seem to matter much about the color. The later in the afternoon the fishing just kept getting better. At about 4 pm it started to get very windy with dark clouds. We checked the radar and we had a heavy downpour headed at us. We stopped fishing and paddled to the take out. We lucked out and only got rained on a little. We finished the day with 123 bass, all but 2 were smallmouths. The average size was 10 to 14 inches. The fish are hitting great so if possible get out and give them a try. Till the next post hope to see you on the water.


4 responses to “South Elkhorn Creek Report

  1. GREAT TRIP. I caught more fish on this trip than I can remember. I had a great time fishing from the kayak also. Thanks Tommy for a good time.

  2. Those are some fantastic numbers. I have only ever fished the North and main branches of the Elkhorn. Its always fun checking out new water. Where did you put in and take out? Is it dammed like the North fork?

  3. You can put in at Weisenberger Mill Rd and take out at Moores Mill Rd or Moores Mill to 341. The 341 take out is rough. Put in at 341 and take out at Fishers Mill Rd. All of these are between 6 and 8 miles I believe. The bridge at Weisenberger Mill and the Creek is under construction so I’m not sure you can put in there now. There are no dams but you need a flow of better than 50 cfs and then you may still have to drag your yak across some very shallow riffles. The only dam I know of in the area is at the put in at Weisenberger Mill. Hope this helps. The only part of the North Fork I fish is from Switzser Covered bridge down to near the forks. I have a friend that owns a farm I take out at. That is a all day trip about 10 miles or so.

  4. I always like your reports and being reminded of how many places we have here to fish. Thanks for the info! I hope to check it out before the year is over.

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