Stoner Creek Report

My nephew David wanted to go fishing today. I must say am I glad he called. Stoner Creek today was unbelievable. I have caught better numbers, but quality was unreal. The water was a little dingy and the creek is up a few inches. There is a strong current which is unusual for the creek. We started throwing a buzzbait and I never got a hit. David missed several fish before boating a good fish. We switched to crankbaits.  As you read above I said the fish were unreal, but it was very weird too. We fish up the creek to just below the dam at Fryman’s. There was heavy current at the rapids. We thought we should catch several smallmouth there like we have done in the pass. Wrong. We started catching Largemouth in the middle of the current. Let me say that there was no big rocks or anything to break the current or any eddies. They were just in the heavy current. These were not small fish, these were fish in the 1.5 lb to 2.75 range David caught one that went 3 lbs. In a 200 yard area we boated over 60 bass. As far as we could determine the fish were not relating to anything but the current. We would just fan cast the area. move a few yards and do the same thing. I would safely say that 40% of our fish were keepers. we only had maybe 12 dinks. The rest were in the 10-11 inch range. As I said it was weird the few Smallies we caught were in the calmer water. David’s last fish was a 13 inch smallie, which was the biggest one we caught. We finished the day with 91 fish caught. I have had some good days on Stoner, but to day the quality was the best I have ever had. I have caught better numbers and a few bigger fish, but never the number of keepers. If I could I would be back down there tomorrow but can’t. If you can get down there and find some current you should have a great day too. Till the next post hope to see you on the water.


One response to “Stoner Creek Report

  1. It was a very odd day fishing but a great one. I could handle that every time except the bunch I lost. Don’t forget the 3/4 pound brim. It was huge! And the large crappie. Both caught in the current while bass fishing. Ready for next trip on the water.

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