Stoner Creek Fishing


My nephew David and I have been trying to get together for a fishing trip for some time. The problem is that he has to work. A terrible word work. We finally got together this morning and put in below Frymans. We had the same problem that Aaron, Sabrina, and I had the day before we could not keep the fish hooked. I lost count of the fish we loss. The good news is that we had a great day. First the fish were running between 1 lb and up the 2.5 lbs. I can not remember ever catching as many keeper fish as I did today. The second surprise was about a third of the fish we caught were Smallmouths. We have always caught Smallies, but never in the numbers we did today. Most of the fish were caught on a diving crankbait. The one I was using started out chrome. By the end of the day it was white because all of the chrome was gone. Some of our bigger fish David caught on a Buzzbait. We had a slight breeze that helped to keep us cool. I finished the day with 59 bass.  Again the fish are biting great so get out there. Till the next post hope to see you on the water.


9 responses to “Stoner Creek Fishing

  1. Another great trip!
    And nothing crazy happened this time!

  2. sounds like a good trip. where did you launch? yak or bass boat? is Frymans only place you can launch bass boat now?

    Set a boat PR yesterday at T Ville. 8 drum bass fishing 🙂


  3. I have hooked that many Drum at Taylorsville, but never boated them. I have a 12 foot bass boat with a Honda 15 hp outboard I use for creeks, rivers and small lakes. It let me get to places a bigger boat would never get near. It also lets me cover a lot more water than my yak will let me. Like motoring up stream for several miles. Floating down stream is never the problem. I guess I’m very lucky but I have friends that have property below Frymans and above the mill dam. They have built ramps that let me put boats in. The great thing is very few people fish the water. To answer your question, from what I hear Frymans is the only public launch. Ike’s is closed due to a lawsuit is what I heard. Someone got hurt. I’m told that there is a sign that states that they will open shortly.

  4. is this down south east of paris, KY? wanting to find the location. did you us yak or boat on this trip and good places for public put in and take out and best stretch.

    Really just trying to get some good places to go as just started yak fishing late last summer and don’t know many places close to lousiville that have decent fishing that are not just ponds.

  5. Yes this was between Paris and Winchester. There is a public put in at Fryman’s on Spears Mill Rd. I believe they have a website Fryman’s Boat Dock. There is a $5.00 launch fee. I have been fishing them for the last 48 years. This is slow water so if you use a yak you have to paddle. I have a small bass boat with a 15 hp engine I use there. I also am lucky enough to know 3 friends that have property that backs up to the creek that let me put in. Most of these areas see few fishermen. Since you live near Louisville have you tried Floyd’s Fork? I hear that there is good fishing there. You can fish Elkhorn Creek just outside of Frankfort. I use Canoe Kentucky. They have a shuttle service. Go to their Website. There is 18 miles of the creek they service. Great Smallmouth fishing. The Green River at Greensburg has great fishing. There is also a shuttle service on the Greensburg city website. Go the Ky Fish and Wildlife website . Click on fish and in the drop down click on Where to Fish. There is a list of places to fish. If you click on the fish drop down and click on other another page will come up. Click on the Bluewater trails. This will show streams and their launch sites on maps. If you get real bored. I and maybe a couple of other guys will be putting on 3 classes at the Canoe Kentucky shop on Main St. in Frankfort. We are just now finalizing the dates. I believe they will start July 26th evening. This is a Tuesday. They will be on the next 2 Tuesday in August. Just watch their website. Again if you get real bored go to youtube and search Tommy Puckett. I have 5-6 video’s of me fishing. most are in my Kayak.. Hope this helps.

    • Tommy,

      In about 3 weeks trying to decide between guist creek lake and Taylorsville lake. Will be in kayak. How is taylorsville? Any good places to put in the the kayak and find some bass? Any ideas on what lures and areas to target as I have not been to taylorsville lake.


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    • Tommy,

      I tried out of Van Buren on Sunday. The wind was tough. I went straight accross up in the creek area there. Did’t go real far up as water seemed really shallow and muddy. Couldn’t find the fish. There were large schools of bait fish all around the mouth opening and into the stumps some but no bass to be found went down the bank in that flat area and fish the bank up the lake from the creek opening and the bank to the right of the ramp but with the wind it was hard in my kayak. I found one lonely bass little bit up that bank. Should i have gone left and up the river they say?

      I threw a shad square bill, a dark craw heavy jig, a pearl fluke, a bone spook, a silver and white/grey chatterbait, black and blue chatter bait. black and blue lizard, charteuse spinner bait to no avail.

      The area seemed fishy but i guess it gets pressured a lot being right accross from the ramp.

      Water temp seemed right they just didn’t like what I was offering.

      Have you been over there recently?

      Thanks for your help with the launch area.


      ________________________________ From: Don Cooper Sent: Saturday, October 1, 2016 10:38 AM To: Elkhorn Angler Subject: Re: [New comment] Stoner Creek Fishing


      In about 3 weeks trying to decide between guist creek lake and Taylorsville lake. Will be in kayak. How is taylorsville? Any good places to put in the the kayak and find some bass? Any ideas on what lures and areas to target as I have not been to taylorsville lake.


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  6. Don
    Just received a second part of your questions. For some reason it didn’t come here. Taylorsville is always a great bet. I can’t remember the last time I didn’t catch fish there. The Salt River has good fishing. If you have 2 vehicles check out Elkhorn there are several public fishing areas on it. You can put in or take out at any. At Knight Bridge there is a public access for kayakers.

  7. Don

    I love Taylorsville. I have caught thousands and thousands of bass from it. Since you are yaking I would put in at Van Buren. By now I would believe the shad should be in the creeks. There are 4 small creeks with in an easy paddle of the ramp. I would start with a shad colored crankbait. It should dive down to 4-5 feet. Bang it into the cover. Be sure to pause it after hitting the cover. If it feels different, set the hook. If the fish are hitting the shad on top throw a super fluke or a buzzbait, again bring it by the cover. Just to let you know at the mouth of the first creek west of the ramp on the same side there is an old road bed that comes out into the lake. Run a crankbait across it. The only down to doing this you may catch a bunch of Hybreds. Hope this helps. I plan to fish Taylorsville early next week. Watch for a report. Sorry for taking so long to reply, but I just got notified about your comment.

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