South Elkhorn Creek


Saturday Sabrina, Aaron, and I fished South Elkhorn. The flow was a little over a hundred CFS. The water was a little off color with a dingy stain to it. Boy was it hot. The fish were hitting great. I mean the Bluegill, the Redeyes, Shell Crackers and the Smallmouths. The biggest problem we had was keeping them hooked. You can not believe the fish we lost. I’m not sure if we boated 20% of the fish we hooked. Another negative was the Smallmouths were running pretty small. The one bright sport was Aaron caught his biggest Smallie ever in Elkhorn. We were casting small shallow crankbaits and retrieving them fast. If you slowed down you would hook a Sun fish. As far as Smallmouths  we boated 132 of which I caught 60. I did catch just enough 10 to 13 inch fish to keep things interesting. Sabrina caught the most fish including all species. The fish are hitting great so you better give them a try. Till the next post hope to see you on the water. I have a short video of our trip on u-tube. Titled South Elkhorn 6-25-16.


5 responses to “South Elkhorn Creek

  1. put in and take out on elkhorn. We have two cars and depending on put in time have till about noon to fish.

    Also how is taylorsville lake at moment any good spots to put kayak in and fish over there. Like before we have about a half day.

    Could do Guist Creek Lake but it seems to be pressured and hard to find fish a lot of times

    Just wondering your thoughts.?

  2. Always impressed by the numbers you catch. I fish the Elkhorn fairly regularly and do pretty well but nothing like catching over a 100. Got any tips? I see you post about using small crankbaits a lot, what type do you use? Never had the best of luck with crankbaits on the Elkhorn. Mostly top water, mini flukes, weightless worms and inline spinners for me. Actually putting in at American white water tomorrow and taking out below Canoe Kentucky. Would love any advice you have to offer

    • I caught a bunch with a green pumpkin fat Albert on 3/8 scrounger jig head. And 3/8 green pumpkin tube.

    • I like any small minnow crankbait that doesn’t dive more than about 3 feet. No longer than 2 inches or so. If you check the creek you will see a lot of small minnows. They are light colored to silver. I just try to match them. What I have found out is Smallmouhts will eat a lot of crayfish but it take several days to digest them. They can eat a minnow and digest it a lot faster. More bang faster. The hardest problem to over come is tuning or finding a cranbait that runs straight in current. Bass pro has a number of minnow baits I like I think they are called XTS minnows. They don’t have much of a bill on them. The rebel minnow works. Anything like that seems to work. Remember if you have to tune one of these little baits just little tweaks. Don’t be afraid to reel them fast. The water is very warm so the fish will hit a fast moving bait. If you go tomorrow I believe that the flow will be 200 or so. Look for eddies next to fast water with some good size rocks around it. Hope this helps.

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