Elkhorn Creek Report

20160615_131131 [1942457]

My girl friend wanted to go fishing today. How could I say no. We loaded up the Kilroy’s and headed to Elkhorn. We put in at Knight Bridge at about 1130 am. It was cloudy and with little wind, the flow was great at 170 cfs. The water had a little color to it.. We started catching fish right in front of the launch. The fish were all nice most were in the 10 to 13 inch range. Which to me is great for a creek. Most of the fish were in the swift water or in small eddies near swift water. There had to be a lot of rock. They seem to be hiding behind the rocks and they would attack our lures as they passed over them. We loss a ton of fish. When you hooked them the first place they went was into the swift water. They would use the water to their advantage and pull off. There was a time in the middle of our float that we caught small fish for an hour or so. Don’t know why. About a 1/4 mile up from Canoe Ky I caught my biggest fish. I caught a 17 incher in the swift water of the rapids that I took a swim in a few weeks ago. On the next cast I caught a 16 incher. Sabrina and I were using small shallow crankbaits in silver with a black back. It was some times hard to fish them in the swift water they would come up to the surface. The good thing was some times a fish would come up with it and hit it. We caught a bunch like that. Sabrina finished the trip with 28 and I caught 51. I did snag a 10 lb+ buglemouth bass. (carp)I will tell you it was all we could do to land it. When you are using a light action rod with 6# line. All we could do was chase it till it finally tired, which had to have taken 5 minutes or more. I chased it for a good 200 yards and ran out 200 feet of line off the drag.  Sabrina came over and I gave her the pole while I tried to land it. I didn’t want to lose a $6 lure. Sabrina didn’t think I would post about catching a carp. I figured I had to because she would write about it in the comments. We had a very good day, though it was hot. We did have a very light shower hit us, but it felt good. The fish are biting good so give them a try. Till the next post hope to see you on the water. We only had 1 canoe with 2 people in it pass us the whole day.


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