Stoner Creek Report

I had another dink day. I put in at Fryman’s. The water was a little low and the surprise was it was dingy. You could only see down about 1.5 feet. I don’t understand why the water was dingy, unless they had a hard rain a couple of days ago. If that happen why was the water low. I could not fine the big fish. I only caught maybe 3 keepers. I must say the fish were bigger than the ones I was catching on South Elkhorn on Saturday, but not by much. When ever I came upon weeds I would throw a frog. I never had a hit. All my fish were caught on crankbaits. About the time I was leaving I believe I found why I was not catching the fish I should have. There was a guy playing in the water and playing with his boat. He was wading and just playing. At first I thought he was drunk but after talking to him. He was just having a good time but it was messing up my fishing. He was probably part of the muddy water. I only caught 42 and most were Largemouths. I remembered to take my Gopro so I will have a video in a few days. So till the next post hope to see you on the water, not playing in it.


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