Lake St Clair

If you like to catch Smallmouths Lake St Clair has to be one of the best lakes to catch them. I have made two trips to the lake already this spring. The first trip was probably the worst trip I have had to the lake, The water was still cold 53 degrees. The problems wasn’t finding the fish. In the clear water we could see hundreds of them, we just couldn’t get them to bite. The weather was great which is unusual for the middle of May. In 3 days of fishing I only caught 20 fish. We went back the first of June. It is amazing what difference 8 days makes. Again the weather was great. This trip I boated 106.  This is the first time I have ever had two trips there and I never got rained on or the wind didn’t blow so hard that there were 2 foot waves. The opposite occurred this time. The fish were biting great. The problem was we couldn’t keep them hooked. I know I loss over 250 Smallmouths. I would hook them and they would go crazy, jumping and pulling so hard that the hook would pull out. I was using 2/0 and 3/0 Gamakatsu hooks. Most of the fish were caught on a Fluke Jr, white in color. We did catch them on different colors and larger Flukes but the jr seemed the best. The fish were running a little smaller than normal. Most were in the 2 to 3 lbs range. Most years they run in the 3 to 4 lb range. My biggest fish was a 4 lb 2 oz  beauty. It hit so fast and hard it almost jerked the rod out of my hand. One of the guys in another boat caught a 5 lb 1 oz monster. The fishing there is so different than here. Most of the time the water was less than 4 feet deep and super clear. At no time did we fish more than 6 feet deep. We fished around weed beds mainly. The amazing thing was that you could see all the way to the bottom. When your lure came pass the weeds a Smallmouth would come flying out of them and hit. They are so camouflaged that you wouldn’t  see them till they moved. If you have a rainy day or if you get real bored you can go to YouTube and search Tommy Puckett and I have 5 video’s of fishing trips. 2 on Elkhorn, 1 on Taylorsville this year and 2 from last week on Lake St Clair. Till the next post hope to see you on the water.


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