Taylorsville Fishing Report

I went back to Taylorsville Lake today. I could only fish for about 5 hours, It was about the only place I could fish. All the creeks are running to high. The lake was up about a foot and I believe it was rising from the rain yesterday. The water below Timber Creek is very clear for Taylorsville. I believe this is due to all the rain lately. The water temperature was 75 degrees. I started in my usual small creek. The fish were scattered. While the sun was out I was catching a few small fish. It finally clouded up at about 2:30 and I started to catch some nice size fish. The fish were only in the first part of the creeks and on the main lake banks. I didn’t catch as many as Wednesday but the quality was better. I boated 8 keepers. My biggest was 17.25 inches and I lost I know 2 more that were keepers. The thing that surprises me is I am seeing schools of bass fry. I would have thought the bass would have spawned several weeks ago. The fish were a little deeper in about 5 feet of water. I caught them on rocks, logs and in open areas. So I am saying they were every where. I believe this was due to the sunny conditions. I caught them on a shad color crankbait that would run 6 or 7 feet deep. You have to understand that you are going to get hung up a lot at times so if you try this prepare your self. I finished the day with only 21 Bass, 2 drum and one big crappie. The fish are still biting but this weekend is going to be hard to fish. The skiers were already at it today. Till the next post hope to see you on the water.


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