Kayak Report

I am going to do something different this post. I am going to compare some kayaks and my thoughts. Plus some fun reading at my expense. I now have a Native Watercraft Ultimate 12. This is my second one. I like the twin pontoons. They make the kayak very stable. I guess the biggest complain I have with it is if there is a rock or log sticking up near the surface I will get stuck on it. I believe this is do to the pontoons. For what ever the reason I will dead center  it and get stuck. Some times that is not a bad thing if I want to fish an area at length. The biggest problem is then you have to use your paddles to push you off of the obstruction. I really like the anchor system. It allows me to position the kayak facing up the current, across current and down current just by the position of the anchor on the track.

For some reason I am looking at a new kayak. It is probably due to my 2 young neighbors that hunt and fish with me now. They are looking at purchasing a couple of kayaks. Last week end we test rode 2 new Jackson Kayaks. The Kilroy and the Coosa. One is a sit in and the other a sit on top. First I am not a fan of the sit on top. This is due to me getting old. I don’t have the balance I use to have and to be honest I was never very graceful. The sit in are much more stable in my opinion. The negative is they are much harder to get in and out of. After our short test paddle Aaron couldn’t make his mind up if he liked the Kilroy or the Coosa best. Yesterday after turkey hunting in the morning we decided to give the 2 kayak a much better test ride. Elkhorn was up and running at a little less than 700 cfs. This was going to be the highest level I have paddled the creek. It was also the fastest I have covered the Knight Bridge to Canoe Ky. I was very impressed with the Kilroy, one of the main reason is that when I hit a rock it didn’t get hung up. Aaron was riding the Coosa and Sabrina was in a Tripper which is just like the Kilroy, but not set up for fishing. After we passed the Claw. Aaron decided he wanted to switch with me and try the Kilroy. To be honest I wanted to try the Coosa in swift water to see what all the young guys loved about it. There wasn’t really any rough water. It was just very swift till we got to the last rapids beside the road just up from Canoe Ky. I decided to go down the roughest part. The Coosa did fine till I hit the bottom and there was a heavy current being kicked out toward the center of the creek. When I hit that the kayak turned side ways and started hitting the rollers side ways. I lost my balance and guess who took a swim. I want to thank Aaron for coming to my rescue he was there by the time I came up. The only thing I wish he would work on is don’t run over the victim and sink him a second time. I was able to hold on to the Coosa and Aarons Kilroy till I got in shallow enough water so I could walk out. Aaron was able to recue my cap first than me. He has the right priorities. Sabrina recued the paddles. They were able to push it into shallow water and I turned it over and paddled the rest of the way to Canoe Ky. This is the second time I have taken a surprise swim in Elkhorn. The thing yesterday that surprised me  was the water didn’t taste as bad as the first time. I must be getting use to the taste. Second, 68 degree water is much warmer than 62 degree which it was the first time. I am hoping that it will only take 3 or 4 days before I can stand up to use the bathroom, instead of a week like last time. Third when the temperature is in the 60’s and you get wet it is amazing how fast you get cold. The good thing was I had a change of cloths in the truck. I almost felt sorry for all the wet floors I left in Canoe Ky till Cad took a picture of me soaking wet.

My finally thoughts. If you are young or have very good balance the sit on tops are very good to fish from. I am not a big fan of the scuppers. I would have to plug most of them because I drop so many things that it would cost me a fortune to replace. I guess I will just have to keep fishing from my sit ins and look like a real old man getting out of them.



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