Fishing Report

I was able to get away and go fishing this afternoon. I went to the private lake that I fish. To be honest I thought I would tear them up. With the water up about 6 inches and cloud cover I usually do. When the spawn is going on or just over I usually catch a lot of fish. I didn’t see a fish on a bed or fish with spawn. Don’t get me wrong I caught fish. I did something that I usually don’t do which is when I’m not catching a lot of fish I change. I struck with a buzzbait most of the afternoon. The fish were very scattered. The fish I was catching on the buzzbait were close to shore and in shallow water. When I did come to a steep bank with deep water I did change to a crankbait. The surprise was I couldn’t get any fish to hit a fluke. Usually this time of year I can catch a lot of fish on them, The bigger fish I caught on the buzzbait although I caught only 2 or 3 dinks all afternoon. The biggest fish I was able to weight was a 2 15 lbs. I caught a much bigger fish 4 lbs. plus but was unable to weight it. I got it to the boat and when I fist lipped it.The Fish decided to flop and I lost my grip and the hook pulled out. I finished the day with only 33 fish. The fish are biting so if you can you should give them a try.  Till the nest post hope to see you on the water.


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