Elkhorn Creek Report

20160420_140842_zpsanbll09v.JPG20160420_134410-1_zpsdgy1ker9 (3).JPGMy girl friend and I fished Elkhorn yesterday. We put in at Knights bridge. Let me explain about my girl friend I have permission from my wife and her husband to take her hunting or fishing. They all know that I am harmless since she is only 25 and I’m old enough to be her grandfather. This was Sabrina’s first time fishing from a kayak. The weather was supposed to be mostly cloudy and in the low 80’s. They got the low 80’s right. I had hoped for a cloudy day and a top water bite. nothing doing with mostly sunny skies. The water was clear in the low 70’s and running at 166 cfs. It was close to perfect. We started with topwater  and never got a hit. We went to shallow running crankbaits and started getting hits. The problem was we were losing about 3 or 4 fish for every one we boated. The good news was that Sabrina caught her biggest smallie to date. It was about 16 inches, but should have been longer. It didn’t have a tail, it was completely worn off I guess due to the spawn. Which appears to be over. I hooked a hog but lost it and finally did boat a good 16 incher. At about 2:30 the fish just turned off. we didn’t catch but 5 or 6 fish after that. I don’t know what happened. I must say it was hard fishing, there is a lot of moss in the creek and a lot of junk from the Sycamores, Box Elders and Water Maples. You would have to clean your line about every other cast. I did try flukes and they didn’t hit them either. I finished the day with only 20 Smallies and Sabrina caught 8 fish. The good thing was the weather and the creek were beautiful. I hope we get some rain to raise the creek and clean it out. Till the next post hope to see you on the water.


2 responses to “Elkhorn Creek Report

  1. have you been back to elkhorn creek lately going out on June 9th looking for some good tips. dcooper701@hotmail.com

    • Sorry that it taken me some time to get back. I am in Canada smallmouth fishing and will be for a few more days. When I fish Elkhorn I like to use the mini flukes or some thing similar. I also use small or mini crankbaits. I don’t want them to run more than a couple of feet deep, unless there is no moss on the bottom. If the bottom rocks are moss free I will use a crankbait that will run deep enough to bounce off of the rock to trigger a strike. The colors I like are chrome if it is sunny and if it cloudy I go to gray, silver or white. You can still catch fish with the old stand by the Rebel small crawfish crankbait. Hope this helps.

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