Kentucky River Report

I had to beg my good friend Robby to go fishing today. Due to the wind we decided to go to the Kentucky River. The river is up about a foot but is clear. I decided to try the creeks because they were warmer than the river. The river was 53 and the creeks were as warm as 57 degrees. The creeks were super clear you could see the bottom in 7 feet of water. We started throwing  crankbaits. I thought there should be a bunch of fish in the creeks due to the warmer water , boy was I wrong. Not only were they not biting we could not see any in the clear water. I only caught 1 fish, a smallmouth in the first creek. We moved to the second and I caught only 3 fish, 2 smallies and a ky bass. It was getting late in the day by the time we got to the third creek. We finally found a few fish. I caught 4 and Robby finally boated 2. Most of the fish were smallies and ky bass with a couple of largemouths. The smallies were hitting crankbaits and the rest were hitting flukes. We loss more fish than we caught. the fish were hitting the flukes by the tail. All in all it wasn’t a terrible first day outing for the year. I just wish we had a couple of prior warm days. I believe that would have helped. Due to the weather forecast for the next week or so I felt this would be my only chance for a while. Till the next post hope to see you on the water.


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